Halloween Cartoon Babies

Ryan Big Bird
Mickey Mouse is here, and so is Minnie. We invited the Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz, Big Bird, and more of our favorite classic television and movie characters to celebrate the Halloween season.

Joey as Tigger

Joey is innocently holding both his palms in the air with an I-didn't-do-it expression on his face. However, his Tigger costume -- worn by the neurotic Winnie the Pooh character who is always getting himself into trouble -- is a dead giveaway that perhaps young Joey might not be 100 percent innocent all the time. Joey bounces in and out of tricky situations all over Oakhurst, New Jersey.

Nolin as Dumbo

One-year-old Nolin has a lot of eating years ahead of him before he can fill his oversized Dumbo costume. We love the adorable smile he manages to flash us as he swims in his big gray suit. Nolin is quickly gaining inches and pounds in Wayne, New Jersey.

Owen as Scarecrow

Owen the Scarecrow is clutching a dollar bill that he must've picked up somewhere on the Yellow Brick Road. When this straw-stuffed 2-year-old isn't out battling evil witches and winged monkeys with Dorothy and his Oz friends, he protects the crops of Minersville, Pennsylvania.

Nirvana as Minnie Mouse

Nirvana, from Hackensack, New Jersey, is squealing in delight in her polka-dotted Minnie Mouse dress. Her mommy grabs her arm to make sure she won't topple over in all the excitement.

Brock as Mickey Mouse

Where there is a Minnie, there's always a Mickey. Seven-month-old Brock hails from Bakersfield, California, where with dangerously adorable poses such as this one, he reels in more trick-or-treat goodies than anyone!

Marcus as Cookie Monster

Look -- twins! At 6 months, Marcus is not much bigger or any less blue than the stuffed Cookie Monster he's sitting next to in Wallington, New York. Even their eyes almost match! His mom says Baby Marcus loves to cuddle. For this reason, we think the googly-eyed, fuzzy monster might be Marcus's greatest companion.

Ryan as Big Bird

Ten-month-old Ryan's fuzzy, feathery-soft Big Bird costume is just one of many reasons he's bound to attract many hugs when he goes trick-or-treating in Winthrop, Massachusetts.

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