Great Baby Costumes

Sean the Peapod Baby Sitting Up
A witch, a wizard, even a biker baby. The possibilities are endless.

Bailee the Biker Baby, 1 month

At 1 month, Bailee is already too cool for her Houston, Texas hometown. In this photo, she appears bored by the glam and hoopla surrounding her rebellious lifestyle. Her eyes tell us that she'd much rather be napping.

Chandler the Enchanting Magician, 4 months

Wizard Chandler's magic lies in his remarkable smile. With it, he can cast powerful spells on anyone looking in his direction. Chandler practices his magic charms in Tarzana, California.

Samantha the Witch Princess, 22 months

Samantha certainly has the right name to go with her costume. The Baltimore, Maryland cutie puts an end to myths suggesting that witches have to be wrinkly, vile, and mean creatures.

Michael the Rock 'n' Roll King, 5 months

Michael, the future king of rock 'n' roll, hails from Troy, Virginia. Here he's practicing his hip-maneuvering skills after his hero, Elvis Presley. Once a little bit of hair starts coming in, it'll be difficult to distinguish him from the real King.

Shayne the South-of-the-Border Baby, 1 year

Shayne traveled far beyond the borders of his residence of Rutherfordton, North Carolina, when he visited Mexico. His travels inspired this international wanderer to put on this adorable South-of-the-Border getup.

Casey the Sweet Pea-in-the-Pod, 6 months

Little Casey is out trick-or-treating in his bright red wagon. We think he's chosen such a big cart because he's planning on hauling a giant supply of loot back to his house in Huntington, New York.

Sean the Flirty Peapod, 10 months

According to his mom, our second peapod baby, Sean, has been charming ladies at supermarkets, churches, doctor's offices, and playgrounds all over Londonderry, New Hampshire. However, the No. 1 woman in his life right now is his very own mom.

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