Get the whole family in on the act. Goldilocks's wig is made from curled paper spirals and the bears' heads are crafted from paper bags and plates.

By Jocelyn Worrall
August 13, 2015
Credit: Thayer Allyson Gowdy


What You'll Need

  • Large yellow paper (approximately 19"x 25"; we used Canson)
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Marker
  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
  • Plastic headband
  • Colored paper
Credit: Peter Ardito

Make It

1. Cut ten yellow-paper circles (ranging from 4" to 10"). Cut each circle into a spiral, starting at one edge and cutting toward the center, making spiral about 1" wide (see photo).

2. Wig base: Twist 1 spiral-cut 10" circle inward to make a cap-shaped dome and staple to secure (see photo).

3. Wrap the other circles you cut around a marker. Gently remove marker and hold spiral in place to create a curled shape.

4. Hot-glue one end of each curl to cap. Continue attaching curls until there are enough to cover child's head. Add smaller curls to front.

Credit: Peter Ardito

5. Hot-glue headband to interior of cap.

6. Bow: Accordion fold an 8 1/2"x 11" sheet of paper lengthwise. Cinch at center with a 1 1/2"x 6" strip of folded paper, hot-gluing in place. Glue to top of completed hairpiece.

Tip: Use bobby pins to help keep the headband and wig on your child's head.

Three Bears

What You'll Need

Brown-paper grocery bags, scissors, 6" paper plates, brown paint, paintbrush, glue, colored papers (brown, white, black, and various other colors), hot-glue gun and glue sticks

Optional: paper bowl, 1/4" craft tape, hole punch, paper straw, small ball of Play-Doh

Make It

1. Holding bag open, cut a circle about 2 1/2" from bottom to create opening for face (approximately 4 1/2" diameter). Cut away corners at open side of bag to create a rounded chin.

2. Ears: Paint two paper plates brown; let dry. Cut and glue a smaller circle of brown paper in middle of each plate. Cut a line straight to center of plate from exterior. Fold back on either side of cut to create a quarter-circle opening. Use folded-back pieces as tabs to hot-glue to bottom and sides of the bag.

3. Nose: Crumple black construction paper to create ball and hot-glue just above circular face opening.

4. Eyes: Cut 2" white circles for eyes, and glue on smaller colored circles for irises and even smaller black circles for pupils.

5. Use colored paper to further accessorize your bear: mouth, eyebrows, eyelashes, a paper tie, hole-punched collar, etc.

Baby Bear's Propeller Hat

1. Decorate bowl with craft tape. Make a hole in center of bowl with tip of scissors.

2. Cut out 6"-long propeller shape from colored paper; punch hole in center.

3. Push straw through hole in bowl, top with propeller, and place Play-Doh ball on top to finish.

Originally published in the October 2015 issue of Parents magazine.

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