Learn how to make a Knuffle Bunny-inspired costume.

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Bunny Costume
Credit: Jami Saunders

What you'll need Mint-green leotard and tights, iron-on transfer paper, iron, mint-green cotton fabric, cotton balls, hot-glue gun, bunny ears headband ($3; amazon.com), purple marker, face paint (purple and black), stuffing, thread, elastic, Velcro, fabric glue

Make it:

1. Scan an image of Knuffle Bunny, then print the image on iron-on transfer paper. Iron onto leotard.

2. For tail, cut a 5"circle from fabric and place 4 or 5 cotton balls in the center of the circle. Gather the ends together and hot-glue it closed. Then adhere the tail to the back of the leotard.

3. Color the middle portion of the bunny ears headband with purple marker.

4. Cut 3 strips of green fabric. Place a drop of hot glue on the back of one of the ears and tack the fabric in place. Then, flip the ears over and work in small sections to glue the fabric to the rim of each ear, around the purple. Repeat on second ear.

5. Glue fabric around the headband portion. Cut extra strips of fabric to fill in any gaps between the ears and headband.

6. Paint your little one's nose purple and paint 3 black dots on each cheek.

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