Follow these step-by-step instructions to make a birdhouse costume that pairs perfectly with a set of colorful costume wings.

August 31, 2016
The Fly Girl Costume
Credit: Priscilla Gragg

What You'll Need

1 12”x12”x12” box

Craft knife


Masking tape


Scrap cardboard


Hot-glue gun and glue sticks

Duct tape

Wax paper

Cardboard tube

Colored paper


Paper bag (optional)

bird house template

Make It

Tip! When cutting through cardboard, make several shallow passes with the knife, rather than trying to cut through all at once.

1. Roof: Open the box and stand it up on its bottom flaps. Two facing top flaps will become the two angled sides of your roof (the other two will be the front and back of the house). With a craft knife carefully cut down 2 inches into all four top corners to lengthen the flaps. Where the cuts end, on two facing flaps lightly score a line parallel to the original flap fold with a craft knife and a ruler to create a new fold line so you can bend the roof flaps down to meet. Temporarily tape the top edges of the facing flaps together with a piece of masking tape. With a pencil trace the roof angle onto the remaining flaps (house front and back). Remove the temporary tape at the top.

2. Flatten the box. Cut traced lines to make points on front and back of house. Next, draw a 7-inch circle 9 inches down from the pointy top on one side. Put a cutting mat or cardboard scrap inside the box behind the traced circle and cut out the circle with a craft knife.

3. Cut out 6-inch armholes on the sides (also with a craft knife and a cutting mat inside the box). The bottom of the armhole should be 1½ inches from the bottom of the box.

4. Make shoulder straps: Cut four 3-inch squares from reserved cardboard. Cut duct tape backed with strips of wax paper (to cover the sticky side), to create shoulder straps (ours measured 14 inches long). Use cardboard squares to sandwich the ribbon to the interior of the box, securing with hot glue (this will be much stronger than simply gluing ribbon to the box). Attach the straps to the interior of the cardboard box at the top edge of the bottom flaps and 3½ inches apart.

5. Hot-glue the roof flaps together and to the front and back of the house.

6. Hot glue a cardboard tube to the front of the house for a perch.

7. Use scissors to cut scalloped strips out of colored paper and glue to the roof and front of the birdhouse.

8. Optional: To help keep the birdhouse from tipping, hot glue a crumpled paper bag into the interior of the roof for your child’s head to rest up against.

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