Easy Little Girl Halloween Costumes from Real Moms!

picnic Halloween costume
Your daughter will adore these creative and easy-to-make Halloween costumes.


To make this decadent costume, use white fuzzy fabric for frosting and pom-poms for the sprinkles.

Submitted by: jenniferplagens

Peppermint Candy

A big red-and-white peppermint made out of a round piece of foam makes this costume pop!

Submitted by: agardner02


Brown yarn creates the perfect fuzzy mane for this adorable lion costume.

Submitted by: kchandler13


Create a nun costume out of white and black sheets or pillowcases folded just so. A rope belt and a rosary necklace top off the look.

Submitted by: stina1427343

Fingernail Polish

Paint poster board in your daughter's favorite color to make this unique nail polish costume.

Submitted by: kmyrick21

Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz

A blue-and-white-checked dress and ruby slippers re-create Dorothy's famous outfit.

Submitted by: hollyandamarie

Sunscreen Bottle

Screen-print or paint your desired SPF onto an oversize T-shirt to make this inventive costume.

Submitted by: lisa.broberg25

Piglet from Winnie-the-Pooh

Create an adorable Piglet outfit using a pink dress and homemade ears.

Submitted by: chell06


Giant googly eyes make this Elmo costume simply adorable.

Submitted by: amandaglester

Backpack from Dora the Explorer

Your daughter will love dressing up as Dora's favorite purple backpack.

Submitted by: cassieshikles

Bushel of Grapes

Use green or purple balloons to create a gigantic bushel of grapes.

Submitted by: joje7


Use pastel tulle and satin to make a beautiful fairy dress.

Submitted by: erin.bast

Cell Phone

Use black poster board and paint to create this cute cell phone costume.

Submitted by: tcl671234


Create the graham cracker portion of this sweet treat with brown cardboard and use dark brown paper for the chocolate. Then dress up your child in a white turtleneck and sweatpants.

Submitted by: magicmcm


Blue face paint, a white dress, and a hat made out of white fabric work together to create the perfect Smurf costume.

Submitted by: lysa_vang

Candy Corn

Make a tricolor jumper to create this sweet look.

Submitted by: sarahtees


A sequined tail highlights this nautical mermaid costume.

Submitted by: artsyleenie

Dora the Explorer

Create Dora's outfit with a pink shirt, orange shorts and a purple backpack!

Submitted by: shana wold


Create a fuzzy jumpsuit, hat, and ears out of brown fabric to make this adorable monkey costume.

Submitted by: macbones1030

Ant Picnic

Create a poncho out of your favorite tablecloth material, and then hot-glue plastic food and ants to create this clever costume.

Submitted by: Mae and Sammy

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