DIY Boy Halloween Costumes

robot Halloween costume
Your little boy will love dressing up for Halloween in these creative, easy-to-make costumes.

Army Man

Use raffia and lots of paint to create a tough army costume.

Submitted by: staceysb

Blues Clues

A floppy eared Blue hat tops off this adorable Blue's Clues costume.

Submitted by: crystalmom33


Use an old broom end to make a silly martian hat.

Submitted by: acthomason1


Make a chef outfit out of a white smock and printed pajama pants.

Submitted by: jerelz

Racecar Driver

Make your child's favorite race car driver jump suit using colorful fabric and patches.

Submitted by: jill.levenhagen1

Christmas Tree

Glue Christmas tree garland to a green sweat suit to create this creative costume!

Submitted by: ksachleben

Mario and Luigi

Mustaches and overalls make these costumes easy to pull together last minute.

Submitted by: probinson61

Train Conductor

Use a cardboard box and oatmeal canisters to create a train for your adorable conductor.

Submitted by: kristie3339951

X Wing Pilot

Create this star wars favorite out of cardboard boxes and spray paint.

Submitted by: settthomas

Snowman Costume

Add a scarf and top hat to white footie pajamas to create an adorable snowman costume.

Submitted by: rward38


A vest and bandana complete this easy-to-assemble cowboy costume.

Submitted by: andreafarris


Create a fire man jacket out of an oversized button up shirt and yellow ribbon.

Submitted by: angealbers

Rocker Costume

This rock-star costume would not be complete without black and white face paint and a tousled jet-black wig.

Submitted by: pjbosak

Tank Costume

Make this tank costume out of foam-core and use spray paint to create the camouflage pattern.

Submitted by: jgoalie

Motorcycle Costume

Use paint and sturdy material to make the body of this super cool motorcycle.

Submitted by: jr03mg05mom

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Create this gigantic cookie costume out of brown fabric and dark brown felt.

Submitted by: Angela216


A structured blue jacket makes the perfect outfit for a cute little pirate.

Submitted by: juliestresing

Sandwich Costume

Cut out tomatoes, lettuce and cheese using multicolored felt.

Submitted by: oink_e


Paint a cardboard box to make this creative tractor.

Submitted by: pastorkyle


Recycle objects from around the house to create a one-of-a-kind robot costume!

Submitted by: pia_garneau

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