Cute Animal-Themed Costumes for Kids

bumble bee Halloween costume
These simple animal costumes are sure to delight your little one.


Start with red footie pajamas and glue googly eyes at the top to make this one-of-a-kind lobster costume. If you're not handy with a sewing machine, use construction paper and cardboard to create the orange and red body, and use red pipe cleaners for the antennae and legs.

Submitted by: chpriverside


Simply paint cow spots onto a hooded sweatshirt to make this easy cow costume.

Submitted by: sasithorn_smith


Polka-dot wings and zigzag antennae are highlights of this adorable ladybug costume.

Submitted by: kriz10mariani


Add a bill and eyes to a black-and-white pajama set to create a simple penguin costume!

Submitted by: dackiee


Use curled black and gold ribbon to create an impressive lion's mane.

Submitted by: lashalene_pittman


Create ears, a collar, and a banana hat out of felt to make this monkey costume. Don't forget the fuzzy tummy!

Submitted by: reneeedmonds2002


Lots of feathers are essential to create this perfect costume for your little chick!

Submitted by: senchagrey


Add spots and ears to a brown jumpsuit to make a comfy jaguar costume.

Submitted by: WImommyof2


Floppy ears and spots make this puppy costume a showstopper.

Submitted by: abbymoffitt


A green onesie, some spots, and googly eyes are all you need to create the perfect frog costume.

Submitted by: zoogrl04


Furry fabric and pink ears create an adorable skunk costume for your little stinker.

Submitted by: johnston1821


Create this costume using metallic material and suction cups from a bathroom mat. Hot-glue the suction cups and stuff the tentacles to create this adorable eight-arm wonder.

Submitted by: linedog20


Dress your child in a gray sweat suit to make this cute and cozy costume. Floppy ears, elephant booties, and a long trunk complete the look.

Submitted by: maggie_cordero

Giant Squid

Create this cute costume out of red felt and add white felt dots for suckers.

Submitted by: stefandoscar

Dinosaur Costume

Wings made out of brown felt actually flap and fold up! Make the rest of the costume out of brown fabric and add big googly eyes at the top.

Submitted by: ambersosebeemk


Create this costume using dark green and lime green fabric, and use stuffing to make the bumpy shell.

Submitted by: meem318


This colorful peacock costume uses bright felt to create an impressive tail of feathers.

Submitted by: nicoleanewell


Create this adorable costume with brown fabric and white feathers. Use felt for the eyes and beak.

Submitted by: hriddleb


Use lots of fuzzy fabric to create your little squirrel's bushy tail!

Submitted by: alleykat13


Sew a black-and-yellow patch on a T-shirt to create a buzzy bumblebee costume.

Submitted: weltman

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