Step-by-step instructions to DIY a cardboard construction vehicle for your little worker.

August 31, 2016
Construction Cruiser Costume
Credit: Priscilla Gragg

What You'll Need

1 large rectangular box (ours measured 14”x12’x18”)

Craft knife

Hot-glue gun and glue sticks

2 small boxes (ours measured 12”x8.5x7 and 14.5”x8”x7”)

Orange paint

Black paint and paintbrush

Two 19-inch pieces of orange ribbon

Orange paper



4 black paper plates (2 large and 2 small)

2 reflectors

Make It

Tip! When cutting through cardboard, make several shallow passes with the knife, rather than trying to cut through all at once.

1. If necessary, remove any tape from box.

2. Use a craft knife to cut flaps off one long side of the box (reserve), and hot-glue rest of box back together (you’ll have one open side; this is the bottom).

3. Carefully cut a square hole in one-half of top of the assembled box large enough for your child (ours measured 7½”x12”).

4. For the diggers, use the two small boxes. (Re-assemble them with hot glue.)

5. Cut each small box in half on the diagonal to create your diggers. Hot-glue one digger to back.

6. Cut reserved cardboard flaps into two 13”-long trapezoids (the front digger’s arms).

7. Paint assembled boxes and front digger orange; paint arms black. Let dry.

8. Hot-glue arms to truck body; hot-glue front digger between arms.

9. Use scissors to cut circles from orange paper and glue to centers of paper plates. Hot-glue paper plates to truck body as wheels.

10. Hot-glue reflectors to front as headlights.

11. Make shoulder straps: Cut four 3-inch squares from reserved cardboard. Cut ribbon, or duct tape backed with strips of wax paper (to cover the sticky side), to create shoulder straps (ours measured 14 inches long). Use cardboard squares to sandwich the ribbon to the interior of the box, securing with hot glue (this will be much stronger than simply gluing ribbon to the box).

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