Transform a bedtime routine into a costume with the addition of whiskers, cat ears, a collar, and tail.

pajama cat
Credit: Chris O'Shea

Whiskers are easy -- just draw them on. See how to make the tail, ears, and kitty collar to complete these cat's pajamas costume.

What You'll Need

Marabou boa ($10 for 2 yds.;, wire, scissors, safety pin, headband, thin ribbon, fabric glue, felt, wide ribbon, sticky Velcro dots, hole punch, paper tag, key ring

Make It


1. Cut the boa to 2 ? '.

2. Wrap boa with wire; avoid flattening the feathers. Form a loop at one end.

3. Add a safety pin to the wire loop to attach.


1. Glue ribbon around headband.

2. Cut ears out of felt and glue wire around the backs, leaving 1" of wire on each end.

3. Glue boa pieces to back of each ear.

4. Slip wire ends under ribbon seams on headband; secure with glue.


1. Cut ribbon to circle the child's neck.

2. Stick Velcro dots to ends of ribbon.

3. Punch hole in center of ribbon.

Attach tag to collar with key ring.

Originally published in the October 2013 issue of. Parents magazine

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