Boo! Behind the Scenes

Parents magazine editor-in-chief, Sally Lee, offers a Halloween fashion show on NBC's Today Show. Here is a behind-the-scenes peek at the most spook-tacular disguises of 2006.

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Purple Butterfly Fairy

While the soon-to-be trick-or-treaters were trying on their costumes, Parents Lifestyle editor Lauren DeBellis could not resist their spell and shot some photos with you in mind. Enjoy!

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Rob the Robot

Rob the Robot

By Lillian Vernon


Curtis proves Robots can dance. But here's a word of advice: The helmet should only be worn indoors; Children should take it off while trick-or-treating because it may interfere with their view of traffic.

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Purple Butterfly Fairy

Purple Butterfly Fairy 2

By Rubie's Costume Co.


Fairies are the new princesses. It was love at first sight when Amelia first tried on this costume at her fitting.

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El Capitan (a pirate)

El Capitan

By Disguise


Don't let Amin fool you! Though the 6-year-old has his hands up, this pirate costume will help him end up with all the loot. Pirates continue to be hot this year. The second Pirates of the Caribbean movie was a huge hit this summer, and the next one, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, opens next summer (May 2007).

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Black-and-White Tiger

Black and White Tiger

You don't have to go to Southeast Asia or India to spot a Bengal tiger. Fourteen-month-old Nicholas may knock on your door this Halloween! Beware: He may be hungry.

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Tom Arma Signature for


Don't expect to get chicken feed with this adorable hooted getup. Just like 8-month-old Charles, your little one will be warm and fuzzy.

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