25 Pregnant Halloween Costumes for Growing Bellies

Looking for easy Halloween costumes for pregnant women? Consider these 25 clever ones designed specifically for your bump.

Skeleton Maternity Costume
Photo: Courtesy of Etsy
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Kangaroo and Joey

Kangaroo Pregnancy Halloween Costume
Courtesy of Amazon

This cute pregnant Halloween costume is insanely comfortable, since it's basically a giant fuzzy onesie. And the baby kangaroo in the pouch will remind everyone that you're expecting!

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Bubble Gum Bump

Bubble Gum Maternity Costume
Courtesy of 'A Casarella

Put the "bubble" in "bubble gum" with this DIY pregnant Halloween costume from 'A Casarell, which is perfect for displaying a burgeoning baby bump. It's also easy to recreate with some felt, pom-poms, and fabric glue!

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World Peace


Accessorize your "world peace" painted bump with a tie dye shirt and bell bottoms. (Submitted by cloudee462).

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No Bother Here

Winnie the Pooh Pregnant Halloween Costume
Courtesy of Chessmen and Coffee

Looking for a pregnant couple Halloween costumes? This adorable Winnie the Pooh-inspired outfit by Chessmen and Coffee is easy to assemble, and it comes with a built-in idea for a partner who is about as enthusiastic about Halloween as Eeyore is about, well, anything. A simple yellow polo shirt and shorts makes an instant Christopher Robin!

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One-Eyed Monster

Monsters Inc Pregnancy Costume
Courtesy of Amazon

For an easy maternity costume, give a shout-out to everyone's favorite one-eyed character: Mike Wazowski from Monster's Inc.! Buying this T-shirt requires minimal effort, but you can also try making your own with felt and fabric markers.

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Bump on Board


Yep, there's a bump in the road: your baby belly! Complete the costume with a construction hat and traffic flags, and wear a button-down if you want more back and side coverage. (Submitted by ssmehyl).

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A Bun in the Oven

baby bump Halloween costume
Courtesy of Amazon

This one-size-fits-all pregnant Halloween costume plays off the saying "a bun in the oven." After just one glance, friends and family will have no doubt that you're expecting a baby!

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Skeleton Bones

Skeleton Maternity Costume
Courtesy of Etsy

This simple T-shirt is the perfect Halloween costume for pregnant moms who don't have time to DIY. It shows an X-ray image of your ribcage—and also of your growing baby! Stretchy siding ensures that the shirt will fit your belly without riding up.

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Hello World!


Soon enough, your world will revolve around the newborn baby. Give everyone a preview of what's to come with this painted Halloween costume for pregnant bellies. Not-so-artistic mamas can print out a globe map, cut out the continent shapes, and use them as stencils. (Submitted by bowejennifer)

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Nesting for Real

Bird Pregnant Halloween Costume
Courtesy of Costume Works

This funny pregnant Halloween costume gives an entirely new meaning to the term "nesting," and it's relatively easy to recreate at home. One thing is for sure: the getup by Costume Works would win any costume contest, hands (or wings) down.

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Pitcher's Mound

Baseball Pregnant Halloween Costume
Courtesy of From Dahlias to Doxies

Not only is this baseball belly a total home run in cuteness, but it's an easy win, too. Ashley at From Dahlias to Doxies pulled the costume together last minute using things from around her house!

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Inside Out

Inside Out

If you're attending a Halloween party, guests will surely do a double take of this X-ray vision pregnant Halloween costume idea! (Submitted by Krista A.C. of Camarillo, California)

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Pregnant Potato

potato head halloween pregnancy costume
Courtesy of Krazy Kingdom

Want a maternity Halloween costume that works for the entire family? Dress everyone up as characters from Toy Story, with the pregnant mama as Mrs. Potato Head! This costume from Krazy Kingdom will also effectively hide your bump if you aren't ready to divulge the news yet.

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Beach Babe

Beach ball

Do you affectionately refer to your baby bump as a "beach ball?" Then this funny pregnant Halloween costume is perfect for you! If you aren't comfortable baring so much skin, pair a bikini top or tank with a long, thigh-covering sarong. (Submitted by Wendy M. of East Berlin, Pennsylvania)

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Moon Landing

To infinity and beyond! This pregnant Halloween costume idea for couples pairs an astronaut with the galaxy—and it features your baby bump as the full moon.

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Easter Egg

Easter Egg

Even if your due date falls before Easter, you can still take inspiration from painted eggs for your Halloween costume! Feel free to get creative with the design. (Submitted by jrex4).

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Forky Maternity Costume
Courtesy of Etsy

The quirky character Forky stole the show in Toy Story 4. You can buy this adorable Forky costume online, or try your hand at making it yourself.

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Mother of Pearl

Mermaid with Pearl

Looking for the best pregnant Halloween costume for originality? Consider this one, which depicts your bump as a pearl within an oyster. (Submitted by Holly N.M. of Jacksonville Beach, Florida)

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Basketball Star


Throw on an athletic-looking top and shorts, and voila—you're a WNBA player! Conveniently, you don't have to pay for a basketball; simply decorate your stomach with pregnancy-safe paints. (Submitted by Jessica B. of Monroeville, Pennsylvania)

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Superhero Mama

Captain America Pregnancy Costume
Courtesy of Amazon. Courtesy of Amazon

Show off your pregnancy superpowers with this Captain America costume idea. Buy the shirt online, then add a cape (and maybe an eye mask) to complete the look.

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Animal Planet


Here's a simple pregnant Halloween costume idea: Choose your favorite animal (such as a turtle), and have a talented friend paint it on your stomach. Choose color-coordinated clothing to complete your costume. (Submitted by ssmehyl)

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Twin Pumpkins

Twin Pumpkin Pregnant Halloween Costume
Courtesy of Etsy. Courtesy of Etsy

Expecting multiples? Consider using this jack-o'-lantern T-shirt to share the news. This twin pregnancy Halloween costume depicts two glowing faces over your stomach.

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Thing 3

Thing 3 Pregnancy Announcement
Emily Parker/Journey of Parenthood

Take a cue from Casey and Jordan Bacon, who announced their pregnancy during a costume contest. The pair wore Thing 1 and Thing 2 costumes, then Casey lifted her shirt to reveal a "Thing 3" sign. Watch the big reveal on YouTube here.

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Team Spirit


Super fans may paint their faces, but you've got an even bigger canvas: your baby bump! Use your growing belly to support your favorite sports team. (Submitted by ssmehyl)

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Spooky Surprise

Scary Pregnancy Halloween Costume
Courtesy of Etsy

Who says pregnant Halloween costumes can't be scary? Put this molding (made with a 3D printer and a non-toxic plastic) under your shirt, and you'll surely be the life of the Halloween party!

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