Real Kids: Best Baby Halloween Costumes

Princess Leia
Courtesy of Basic Beauty Photography
From make-us-melt adorable to totally hilarious, check out some of the cutest costumes submitted by our readers.

Perfect Pumpkin

Why We Love It: Who would have thought to put a baby in a pumpkin? This little rock star would score big points at an Anything But Clothes party.

Playful Pig

Why We Love It: This cutie knows how to pose for the camera. We love how the shot was taken outside an actual barn, not to mention the costume is totally adorable.

Tiger Baby

Why We Love It: Move over, Tiger Mom. This model-in-training makes orange look really good.

Raggedy Ann

Why We Love It: Raggedy Ann is a classic costume that everyone will instantly recognize (and that can be used in later years for sibs too). We love how this baby went the extra mile with painted eyelashes and freckles.
-- Submitted by Leena S. of Clackamas, Oregon

Risky Business

Why We Love It: This may very well be the most bang-for-your-buck costume ever. Throw your little boy into a white, collared shirt and invest in a sleek pair of black shades. And voila -- Tom Cruise in Risky Business.

-- Submitted by Hadley C. of Glastonbury, Connecticut


Why We Love It: Who knew Dumbo had a twin? We adore how the ears are bigger than these babies' heads -- and wonder what tricks Mom and Dad used to get their elephant-in-headlights expression.

-- Submitted by Elizabeth W. of Aston, Pennsylvania


Why We Love It: We cannot resist this, uh, little honey -- especially with her antennae headband!

-- Submitted by Lien T. of Wentzville, Missouri

Pink Flamingo

Why We Love It: No one can miss this hot pink flamingo -- she could light up the darkest street. Even her loot bucket picks up the color scheme.

-- Submitted by Patricia P. of Carrollton, Texas


Why We Love It: This little penguin looks bundled up and ready for a crisp evening of trick-or-treating.

-- Submitted by Lynn A. of Post Falls, Idaho


Why We Love It: Usually it's the mom who wishes she had a few more hands, but this eight-legged little guy seems pretty content with his extra appendages.

-- Submitted by Jina H. of Seattle, Washington

Fairy Princess

Why We Love It: This is the perfect costume for a girly girl (or for the baby who no can tell is a girl). For added effect, try pouring a few tablespoons of nontoxic glitter into a small pouch, so your baby can sprinkle "fairy dust" as she trick-or-treats!

-- Submitted by John M. of Paradise, California


Why We Love It: This one gives new meaning to the phrase "flower child." We fell in love with the costume because it's very simple. Just glue artificial flowers to a cap, glue some felt leaves to a green onesie, and your babe's ready for her first Halloween.
-- Submitted Angela S. from Mt. Juliet, Tennessee


Why We Love It: Strawberry? Chili pepper? We're not entirely sure, but either way, this little trick-or-treater looks snug and happy. Bunting costumes are a good choice for a first Halloween, since they keep baby warm and feel just like a swaddle.

-- Submitted by Angela C. of Lincoln Park, Missouri


Why We Love It: This babe has every reason to be proud: He's decked out in a gorgeous costume, and he looks like he's just learning to stand on his own.
-- Submitted by Tracy B. of Sandown, New Hampshire


Why We Love It: Can you believe little Sophia's parents made this totally original costume? If you can find a giant peppermint at a Christmas superstore, try your hand at re-creating this getup by adding a white dress or turtleneck, red-and-white striped tights, and white tulle.

-- Submitted by Joshua A. of North Bend, Washington

Flower in a Pot

Why We Love It: Sometimes putting your little trick-or-treater in a stroller kind of ruins the effect. That's why we love this mom's work-around: She put her sunflower baby in an oversize plant pot and then put the planter in a wagon. You could even decorate the wagon with green strips of paper to give it a grassy look.

-- Submitted by Heather O. from Canton, Georgia


Why We Love It: All this babe needed was a set of bunny ears and lots of pink to transform her into a fluffy bunny. The best thing about this costume? You can whip out the ears again for Easter pics.

-- Submitted by Roxanne N. of Salida, California

Pink Poodle

Why We Love It: The pout on this furry pink poodle cracks us up -- did someone steal her candy?

-- Submitted by Amy Lyn P. of Munhall, Pennsylvania


Why We Love It: All babies are angels, right? So this mom went with that concept when it came to Halloween. This is another one that's easy to do at home -- just dress up a white dress (you get to re-use that special-occasion dress -- yay!) with store-bought wings.

-- Submitted by Melissa A. from Old Bridge, New Jersey


Why We Love It: Turns out there is something more even more adorable than a baby in a Halloween costume -- a baby and a dog in matching costumes!

-- Submitted by Andrea S. of Avon, Indiana

Courtesy of Basic Beauty Photography
Courtesy of Basic Beauty Photography

Princess Leia

Why We Love It: No hair yet? No problem. You can still achieve the Princess Leia double buns look with a headpiece. We like this one because it looks nice and soft -- and will keep baby's head warm too.

--Submitted by Victoria A. of Drexel Hill, PA

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