Easy instructions to disguise your baby carrier as a debate podium for your pint-size presidential candidate.

Debate Team Costume
Credit: Priscilla Gragg

What You'll Need

2 square 12”x12”x12” boxes

Craft knife



Blue paint



Hot-glue gun and glue sticks

debate team template

Make It

Tip! When cutting through cardboard, make several shallow passes with the knife, rather than trying to cut through all at once.

1. Flatten the box.

2. Use a craft knife to cut off one of the four sides (reserve). Cut the top flaps off of the remaining three sides. Cut the left and right flaps off the bottom, leaving the one center flat on the bottom.

3. Make an angled cut to remove a third of the side panels as shown. Use tip of scissors to bore a hole in the corner of each side panel for twine.

4. Cut a 12-inch trapezoid from the reserved box side. Paint trapezoid blue; let dry.

5. With scissors cut out printable seal and glue to center.

6. Hot-glue trapezoid at the top above seal.

7. Thread twine through side holes (ours measures 6’ for each side).

8. Place baby into carrier and attach podium, tying twine to back of carrier to hold podium in place.

9. Repeat for second baby’s costume.

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