Babies In Sports Uniforms

Honour The All American Baseball Baby
Batter up! A tribute to future athletes of American sports. We strongly believe that we may very well have the next Barry Bonds or Larry Bird in this bunch.

Quantance, 6 months

Quantance's favorite food is Gerber's sweet potatoes. We think, if he keeps eating his potatoes, he'll be on his way to becoming a great major league ballplayer. Quantance is also a multi-sport athlete. He enjoys kicking around his soccer ball, Spencer, which he was inspired to name after Tom Hank's volleyball, Winston, in Cast Away.

Quantance can be seen training to become the next two-sport superstar athlete, like Bo Jackson, in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois.

Christaki, 7 months

Cliffside Park, New Jersey resident, Christaki, might be sporting a New York Knicks basketball jersey in this photo, but his true heart lies in soccer. Although he's not strong enough to kick a soccer ball yet, he is staying in shape by tossing them around the house.

However, Christaki is not just a common jock. When he's not occupied with sports, he likes to bang out tunes on the piano with his bare feet!

Carmine, 10 months

Star quarterback, Carmine, from Staten Island, New York, proudly sports his number one blue-and-white football jersey. When he's not fantasizing about chucking pigskins, Carmine also enjoys the company of his favorite character -- Elmo!

Marcus, 6 weeks

Pinstripe baby, Marcus, is saying "I Love You" in sign language with his left hand. His parents, who live in Lynnwood, Washington, swear this was not a posed statement, but one Marcus chose to express on his own. We suggest you recreate the sign and show Marcus that he is loved by you, too!

Jacob, 11 months

Jacob's parents, from Houston, Texas, says their baby was born with eyes wide open as if ready to take on the world. In this photo, Jacob seems just about ready to take on the football world, at the very least. We expect him to perform some variation of the victory dance that he seems to be doing here, when he reaches some helpless opponent's goal line.

Daniel, 5 months

Daniel's parents are avid travelers and they take their baby along on all their road trips. Daniel has already been to seven states at his young age. We see this as a precursor to his life as a traveling ballplayer, going from town to town and playing in different ballparks.

But when he's at home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Daniel enjoys watching SpongeBob SquarePants and listening to Barry Manilow's love ballads.

Alison, 8 months

Alison proves that not all athletes are boys. This Potomac Falls, Virginia native, and Baltimore Ravens fan, represents the prettier half of the sports world.

Honour, 1 year, 7 months

Blue skies, green field, new uniform, and a clean baseball in hand. Honour's photo (albeit in a staged setting) takes us back to the glory days of baseball. We can't wait for the opening day where this handsome Goodrich, Michigan resident will make his major league debut.

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