Make the most of this Halloween with costumes your kids will love. From iconic Halloween characters and today's trendiest designs to costumes you can buy as well as ones you can make yourself, we have plenty of ideas for how you can outfit your kids (and yourself) this October 31st.

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6 Latin-Inspired Halloween Costumes for Kids

Parents Latina editors channeled some of their favorite celebs and characters with these fashionable costumes for their latino kiddos that are as simple to put together as they are fun. Feliz trick-or-treating!

Target Just Released Adaptive Halloween Costumes for Kids with Disabilities

Target is helping make this Halloween even more inclusive by releasing adaptive costumes that are wheelchair- and sensory-friendly. And they're available for preorder now!

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Still Need a Creative Halloween Costume Idea for Your Kid? Look No Further

Whether her son wants to dress up as a fidget spinner or an ice cream truck, mom Brandi Seely takes her handmade Halloween costumes to the next level with moving parts and fun multi-dimensional features.

These Crocheted Halloween Costumes Are Almost Too Cool to Let a Kid Wear

After seeing these photos of mom Stephanie Pokorny’s handmade Halloween costumes, we officially want to learn how to crochet.

Disney Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls, Boys, Multiples, and the Whole Family

From classics like "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" and "Mary Poppins" to "Frozen" and "Shrek," the whole family can get in on the Disney costume fun this Halloween.