Get instructions for how to pull together this very punny costume

By Costumes by Elizabeth MacLennan
October 28, 2013
Chris O'Shea

what you'll needWrapped candies, staples and stapler, candy necklaces, Fort Knox Milk U.S. Dollar Milk Chocolate Medallions ($8 for five;, floral wire, wire cutters, clear packing tape

make it1 Staple wrapped candies together to form necklaces and bracelets.2 To make amulets from large gold-wrapped candy coins, carefully unwrap the candy. Create an eye hook from a piece of wire and poke the ends of hook into chocolate. Rewrap the chocolate in its foil, leaving the eye hook exposed; secure with tape. Attach medallion's hook to wrapped candy chain or a candy necklace.

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Originally published in the October 2013 issue of Parents magazine.

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