Your Kids Can Make a Festive Gift for Their Teachers and Learn About Chemistry With This Easy-to-Use Kit

Homemade orange-cranberry hand soap is a teacher gift that’s super useful too.

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Every year, around the holidays (and the end of the school year), some of us start to get a little anxious about choosing appropriate teachers' gifts. If we're lucky, a class parent is organizing a group gift card or something. Even then, there are some teachers who deserve something more personal from the kids who adore them. This holiday season, we came across a fun and easy craft project you can do with your kids to make gifts for their teachers or other friends and family members. Even the least crafty parents can help make festive orange-cranberry foaming hand soap at home.

Why give homemade hand soap, of all things, as a present? After the past two years, we certainly value hand soap more than we used to. Plus, this isn't any old soap you can pick up at the supermarket: Lather up with it, and you'll find yourself wondering if someone is cooking fresh cranberry relish in your kitchen. And when you're giving homemade soap to a beloved teacher, the packaging is going to make all the difference. But first, you and your kids will have so much fun making it.

Wholesale Supplies Plus, a company that provides ingredients, tools, and packaging to professional and amateur handmade soap makers, has put together a kit just for Parents readers and your kids. The Orange Cranberry Foaming Hand Soap Kit comes with ingredients, bottles, tools, a customizable label template, and instructions on how to make four bottles of the stuff for $27.23.

Wholesale Supples Plus

To buy: Orange Cranberry Foaming Hand Soap Kit, $27.23;

To make the soap, you and your kids can break out the included nitrile gloves, beaker, and dropper—mad scientist costumes and hairstyles will be optional. You'll pour the soap base into a microwave-safe measuring cup and heat it for 30 seconds before adding it to the beaker with fragrance and modifier. Finally, you'll use the dropper to add the appropriately named Stained Glass Santa red liquid color. Distribute the finished product into the four plastic bottles, and let it cool before twisting on the pump tops. The kit includes blank white labels for printing customized labels, but you can also let your kids decorate them by hand.

In addition to being an unusual gift that teachers can actually use, it's a way for you and your kids to explore how some of the products they use every day are made. You can even discuss the properties of oil and water, and how soap molecules work. You can't do that with a Starbucks gift card.

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