Our present to you: a stress-free shopping guide to make celebrating the season a little more merry. (No thank-you note required.)  
stylish pair of salt and pepper shakers
Credit: Jeffrey Westbrook

Too Pretty to Wrap

Just top these presents off with a bow and stash them under the tree. Then sit back and enjoy the eggnog:

Gifts That Are Easy to Ship

Each of these presents packs into the USPS's small, flat-rate Priority Mail package and can be mailed nationally for $5.95:

Clutter-Free Gifts

These fun finds won't leave behind clutter, since the recipient is sure to use 'em all up with pleasure:

Personalized with Your Photo

These personalized presents are all about face:

Truly Last-Minute Gifts

They'll never know you forgot, because the promise of these presents will arrive in their in-box by morning:

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