7 Fun Ways to Celebrate Parents' Day This Year

Parents' Day is a day to honor all forms of parenthood and the people who take on this role. Find out more about this holiday and the fun ways you can celebrate it with your family.

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Where would we be without the people who commit their lives to raising children with love and kindness? Parents' Day is a national holiday dedicated to paying thanks and supporting all those in the role of parents, who are at the foundation of a strong, stable society.

So when is Parent's Day? The holiday falls on the fourth Sunday of July each year, following Mother's Day in May and Father's Day in June. It may not be as well-known as those holidays, but President Bill Clinton signed Parents' Day into law in 1994 in order to promote and applaud parenthood. It's since been celebrated throughout the country with events and ceremonies. This year, Parents' Day 2021 falls on July 25.

The holiday is a great excuse to celebrate and promote the importance of family in your home. While a few words or thank you poems can be enough, bringing the whole family together for a celebration is even better. Here are seven ways you can celebrate Parents' Day this year.

Go Down Memory Lane

What better way to celebrate the Parents' Day than by exploring your family history and showing your children your roots? This may take a bit of organizing before the big day, including collecting old photos and family heirlooms and using various online resources to research your family history, but it will surely encourage conversation, bring up memories, and get kids interested in history.

Enjoy a Picnic

This activity is most suited for lovers of food and nature! Head to the park with your picnic basket to enjoy the outdoors, grub, and, of course, family. You can also invite extended family or close friends and ask each to bring a homemade cake to share. It doesn't hurt to also bring along large flasks of coffee for parents to sip in their chairs.

Host a Block Party

If you're more of a social family, you can get your neighborhood involved and suggest a community street party (while following COVID-19 safety protocols, of course). This may simply involve getting together at a neighborhood garden, park, or field with spare chairs, food, drinks, and even some games. It'll take some organizing beforehand with other keen party hosts, and may require someone to overlook all proceedings, but once you get the ball rolling, it'll be a great way to collectively celebrate special parents. You can also check to see if your local community is hosting any events for Parents' Day.

Enjoy a Day Trip

Take the family on a fun day trip focused on an activity you'll all enjoy. It can even be a day to introduce kids to new types of fun. You can head to a museum that will interest them, the zoo, or the beach if it isn't too far from home. You'll likely want to talk to your family members beforehand to see what everyone is interested in doing this year.

Have a Movie Night

Let the family put their feet up and relax! You do the popcorn and choose a film with a theme of loving parents at the center of it. Plan it the night before with some extensive research of a film you can watch together, as well as some nice snacks for them to nibble along the way.

Take a Family Walk

Spending some time with your family in nature isn't only great for bonding, it's also great for your mental health. Research local nature reserves or parks close to home, and tell your family about the walk so they keep the day free. Have your route planned, and don't forget to pack sunscreen and water. Then whisk them off their feet with nature's breeze.

Eat Breakfast in Bed

Perhaps you also want to give thanks to your parenting partner, if you have one. A simple but solid way to show affection is preparing breakfast before you spend time with the kiddos. All it takes is a pop to the shops before waking up (or the night before) and whipping up your favorite breakfast food. Eventually, your little ones can join in on the fun too.

The Bottom Line

There are simple and easy-to-plan ways to celebrate Parents' Day. But no matter what you choose, remember it's a day to commemorate family and to show your kids what it means to have a central unit you can rely on.

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