Easy Gifts to Make for Dad

Make this year special with a gift for dad created by little hands.


Want to give Dad a gift created with love by the little hands he cherishes so much? Try one of these easy crafts that will surely bring a smile to his face this Father's Day.

Ages 0-3: Handprint Frame

When children are very young it's difficult, and sometimes impossible, to actually "make" a craft together. But you can help your baby or toddler give a little bit of themselves to Dad this Father's Day by creating a handprint photo frame. It's easy, safe, and inexpensive.

What you'l need

  • a sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 sturdy acid-free paper
  • a 5 x 7 picture frame
  • scissors
  • nontoxic poster paint
  • a glue stick
  • a small photo of father and child together


1. Carefully dip the palm of your child's hand into a small dish of poster paint.

2. Gently press the paint-covered hand into the center of the sheet of paper.

3. Quickly clean your child's hand with soap and water.

4. Allow handprint to dry.

5. Cut the dried handprint to fit the 5 x 7 picture frame.

6. Cut the photo into a heart shape.

7. Glue the photo into the center of the handprint.

8. Insert the sheet with the handprint and the heart-shaped photo into the frame.

That's it! You can add a special message for Dad like "Thanks for holding my hand," or "Happy Father's Day to a Hands-On Dad" along with the date. Dad will appreciate this one-of-a-kind and heartfelt gift.

Ages 4-6: Personalized Card or Clip Holder

In this age range, children are able to do many types of crafts. They're very creative, and they're very tactile. That's why they love working with clay. Tap into this passion and have your child make a personalized business card holder for dad this year. For this project, they'll need your close supervision and some design assistance.

What you'll need

  • Crayola Model Magic Clay (available at craft and toy stores)
  • Popsicle sticks
  • cookie cutters
  • a plastic knife
  • a business card


1. Help your child mold a small tray to hold Dad's business cards. Start by having him flatten out a small ball of clay.

2. Cut out a square of approximately 4 inches. Mold the edges upward to form a holder that will accommodate about 25 business cards.

3. Press the business card into the front edge of the clay, firmly molding the clay to the card.

4. Now your child's imagination can take over. She can mold flowers, animals, or people out of the clay. Or she can use the cookie cutter to make shapes. Another idea is to roll the clay into strips and make letters that spell out the word "Dad."

5. Allow the shapes to dry.

6. This part of the project you need to do yourself: With a glue gun, glue the shapes onto the business card. Allow the glue to dry.

If dad does not have business cards to display, you can make the tray a little deeper and it can be used as a paper clip holder. Dad will be very proud of this project that he can display and enjoy on his desk at the office or at home.

Ages 6-8: Personalized Umbrella

Every time there's a gray and rainy day, remind Dad that you think he's the best by creating a specially designed umbrella just for him.

What you'll need

  • a compact umbrella in Dad's favorite color
  • several colors of puffy fabric paint in squeezable plastic jars with applicator tips (available at craft stores)


1. Lay old newspapers over your work surface

2. Open the umbrella and set it on the newspapers

3. Help your child draw designs or pictures and write "World's Best Dad" in large letters around the umbrella.

4. Follow directions on the paint jars regarding how long to let the paint dry.

Voila! Dad will stay dry, and his heart will be warmed by this useful and thoughtful gift.

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