Father's Day Lollypapas

Instructions for making a fun Father's Day treat.


Hi. I'm Jordan DeFrank for FamilyFun Magazine here to show you how to make lollypapas, a sweet father's day treat. To make one, you'll need the lollypapa's template from familyfunmag.com, chocolate chips, Nilla wafers, a lollipop stick from the craft store, soft candy, white confetti sprinkles, edible food markers, card stock or paper, and markers. Color the shirts on the template and cut them out. Microwave 2 tablespoons of chocolate chips according to the package directions. Center a lollipop stick in the chocolate, give it a twist then place another cookie on top. Now mold the candy to make hair and other features. If needed, repeat the remaining chocolate then use it to attach the candy pieces and confetti sprinkle eyes. Use the food markers to draw people and other details. Finish by taking your shirt to the lollipop stick. These cute father's day cookie pops will be a welcome surprise on dad's special day.

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