Leather Bracelet Craft

Help the kids make this the best Father's Day ever with five awesome handmade gifts designed by the dad behind mod craft site Made by Joel.

Leather Bracelet Craft
Photo: Jeff Harris

WHAT YOU’LL NEED Three 1-yard lengths of leather cording; Binder clip (a chip clip works too); Wooden bead (optional); Scissors

1. Bundle the three cords together and fold them in half. Knot them at the folded end, leaving a ¼-inch loop.

2. Clip the loop to the edge of a cutting board. Separate the colors into three sections of two cords each, with like colors together.

3. Braid the three straps until the bracelet is about 8 inches long, adjusting the strands as you go to keep them flat.

4. If desired, thread a wooden bead through all six lengths, then knot at the bottom of the braid. Trim off any excess, leaving about ¼ inch of fringe.

5. To wear, thread the bead, knot, and fringe through the loop at the other end.

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