Help the kids make this the best Father’s Day ever with five awesome handmade gifts designed by the dad behind mod craft site Made by Joel.

Leather Bracelet Craft
Credit: Jeff Harris

WHAT YOU’LL NEED Three 1-yard lengths of leather cording; Binder clip (a chip clip works too); Wooden bead (optional); Scissors

1. Bundle the three cords together and fold them in half. Knot them at the folded end, leaving a ¼-inch loop.

2. Clip the loop to the edge of a cutting board. Separate the colors into three sections of two cords each, with like colors together.

3. Braid the three straps until the bracelet is about 8 inches long, adjusting the strands as you go to keep them flat.

4. If desired, thread a wooden bead through all six lengths, then knot at the bottom of the braid. Trim off any excess, leaving about ¼ inch of fringe.

5. To wear, thread the bead, knot, and fringe through the loop at the other end.

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