Here's an easy, fun project for Father's Day -- or any time of year.
Dad's Coupons

Print and decorate our adorable "coupons," redeemable for good deeds like walking the dog or giving extra hugs and kisses. The end result: a sure-fire gift for any hard-working dad.

1. Click below to view the coupons.* Use the "print" button on the top of the Adobe window to print the coupons (color printer not required).

2. Let kids color and decorate however they like! Younger kids can use crayons or markers, while older kids can go wild with glitter and sequins.

3. Cut out each coupon. Staple the coupons into a booklet, or decorate an envelope to use as a "coupon wallet."

*You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print. If your file won't open, download the free software here.

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