8 Father's Day Cards Kids Can DIY for Dad

It goes without saying that a homemade Father's Day card is always more meaningful and creative than the store-bought variety, especially when it comes from kiddos. Get inspired by these crafty cards that are easy to DIY and guaranteed to make Dad smile.

rockin' card craft
Photo: Jeff Harris
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Parachute Card

Parachuter toy
Tara Donne

Dads are big kids at heart. Encourage their playful side with this fun-loving homemade Father's Day card. Grab some cloud-patterned paper (or make it yourself with paint, crayons, or colored pencils) and fold it into a card. Attach a parachuter toy with glue and you're ready for takeoff!

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Little-Helper Gift Vouchers

Little Helper Gift Vouchers
Jeff Harris

Print gift certificate cards for your kids to color. Dad can trade one in for some no-fuss help around the house.

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Natural Card

Simple Crafts Go Green Personalized Nameplate
Alexandra Grablewski

Have your kid gather leaves, twigs, and stems from your backyard or a local park, then use them to decorate a Father's Day card. For example, they can write "Dad" on the front and their first name on the back.

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Rockin' Card

rockin' card craft
Jeff Harris

After receiving this DIY Father's Day card, Dad can regale the kids with tales of his epic record collection.

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Recycled Paper Card

Recycled Paper Father's Day Card

Take a cue from Sheela from The Joy of My Life, who made homemade cards with leftover wrapping paper. Start by gathering your supplies; in addition to the wrapping paper, you'll need cardstock, a brown paper bag, white glue (diluted so it's thin enough to use as paint), a glue stick, scissors, a flat paint brush, and decorative edge scissors (optional).

Rip your wrapping paper into tiny pieces and set aside. Paint your diluted white glue onto the cardstock, and cover it with the wrapping paper pieces. Feel free to get creative! Then cut a card shape out of brown paper bags, and trim the edges with decorative scissors if you'd like. Cut the cardstock (now dry and covered with wrapping paper pieces) to fit the front of the paper bag card, and glue it on.

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Sunshine Yard Card

Sunshine Yarn Card
Scott Little

Get Dad excited about summertime adventures with this clever Father's Day card idea. Fold a piece of blue cardstock in half. Grab a small piece of green paper and snip random chunks to make grass; attach to the card. Trace a circular lid with a pencil to make the sun and draw ray lines with a ruler. Drizzle glue over the pencil lines and inside the circle. Attach yellow yarn, trimming excess as you go. Finish the card with a handwritten message.

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Handprint Card

Hands and Feet Father's Day Card
Holly Christian

Even toddlers and preschoolers can make this easy DIY Father's Day card. Have your child press their hand (or foot) in nontoxic washable poster paint; you can also apply the paint with a foam brush. Make prints on the cover of a card, let dry, and write a message for Dad inside.

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I Heart You

I Love You Cards
Peter Ardito

This isn't your typical Father's Day card, but it still delivers a sweet message to Dad. Fold a piece of kraft cardstock in half lengthwise (ours was 2 inches x 6 inches) and punch a hole in the upper left corner (we used a ¾-inch round paper punch). Glue a 20mm googly eye inside the card so it sticks out of the hole. Cut a heart shape out of craft paper, about 1 inch x ¾ inches, and glue it to the right of the hole. Write "you" next to the heart, round the corners of the card if you'd like, and include a message inside.

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