22 Toddler Easter Egg Filler Ideas

Filling plastic eggs this Easter? Keeping a lid on the sugar is easier than you think with these fun ideas.

Easter basket filled with plastic Easter eggs
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Easy Easter Egg Fillers

Easter Egg Hunt Cancelled
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Easter is approaching, and kids everywhere are beginning to daydream about hunting for—and opening up—all of those fun, filled plastic eggs. But filling eggs can for toddlers can be tricky, with jelly beans and hard candies being a no-go. But don't fret, at least not yet. Easter eggs don't have to be stuffed solely with foil-wrapped chocolates and other speckled sugar bombs. You can cut the sweets and keep the fun with these creative ideas for candy-free ways to fill plastic Easter eggs.

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Puzzle Pieces

Avery Powell

Try separating the pieces so a few are in each egg. At the end, they have the excitement of putting together an unknown picture!

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Angry Birds erasers
Bryan McCay

Make homework and coloring projects a bit more fun with cute, colorful mini erasers.

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Girl blowing bubbles
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Mini bubble bottles are easy to find online, at most big box stores, or even dollar stores. They also fit perfectly inside plastic Easter eggs.

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Fruit Snacks

fruit snacks

Still sweet enough to please your little sugar fiends, fruit snacks are a great Easter egg filler. And bonus: You can add holiday flair by choosing Annie's, which are shaped like bunnies, or Welch's Easter-themed fruit snacks.

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Baking Ingredients

Happy Father and Daughter Baking in Kitchen

Guess what we're making?! Involve your kids in Easter dessert by turning it into a hunt: Add an ingredient—like chocolate chips or sprinkles—and a recipe to an egg.

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Toy Cars

boy playing with antique toy car

Put a candy-colored car in a larger egg for your little speed demon.

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baby with pierced ears
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Anything from stretchy bracelets to earrings, if your child has pierced ears, can fit prettily in a plastic egg.

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Pearl Bead Arrays
Jeff Harris

Or, help your kid DIY their own jewelry by filling eggs with all of the fixings to make bracelets and necklaces.

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Bouncy Balls

bouncy balls
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Bouncy balls are beloved by many, with the glow-in-the-dark kind being a kid favorite!

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Mini Snacks

Sweet & Spicy Snack Mix

Goldfish crackers, Annie's crackers, and pretzels all come in bite-size treat bags and can be stuffed securely inside your little love bugs eggs.

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Doll Clothes

American Girl Place Cafe Young Girls Sitting With Dolls
Courtesy American Girl Place Cafe

Who knew doll garments folded up so neatly into an egg?

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Seed Packets

Mom Daughter and Son Planting a Seedling
Priscilla Gragg

Spring is for flowers and gardens, so start a new tradition by filling eggs with seeds to plant.

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Party-Sized Play-Doh

Bryan McCay

These usually comes in a package of 15, so you can fill an assortment of eggs with every color!

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case of Legos in separate containers
Photograph by Mark Lund

What will your tiny builder make this time?!

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Hair Clips

Gifts Kids Make Splatter-Paint Barrette
Michael Piazza

Many hair accessories are the perfect size for Easter eggs. For some added fun, buy pastel clips.

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Bryan McCay

Have a piggy bank aficionado on your hands? Dollar coins won't disappoint. (And if the Easter Bunny can't get to the bank, a dollar bill will do, too!)

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Story Stickers
Peter Ardito

Fun stickers are always appreciated—and maybe the Bunny will also bring your little one a special book to stick these in.

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Temporary Tattoos

Color-In Metallic Tattoos
Richard Carpenter

Temporary tattoos are perfect Easter fun. Simply cut out individual tats and stick them in eggs.

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Key Chains

Do the Polka Backpack
Tara Donne

A fun key chain will fancy up that backpack! Bonus points is said key chain is Easter-themed.

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Mini Nail Polish

nail polish

Children love painting their nails, and both Piggy Paint and Hopscotch brands are non-toxic and safe for young paws.

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Lip Balm

Lip Smacker X Junk Food Mickey 4-Piece Lip Balm Set
Courtesy of Target X Disney

Tubes of flavored lip balm, in fruity flavors, are another great Easter egg alternative.

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Choosing Safe Easter Egg Fillers

Easter basket filled with plastic Easter eggs
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Of course, keep your child's age in mind when filling eggs. Remember that many small items may pose a choking hazard and are not recommended for little kids. So pick age-appropriate trinkets for your eggs to ensure happy hunting!

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