Surprise Easter Basket

This adorable basket has "grass" at the bottom so your kids' eggs can sit pretty. It's a must-have for Easter morning.


How to Make a Surprise Easter Basket. For this craft, you'll need: basket, paper grass, tissue paper, cardboard, pencil, glue, and scissors. Trace the bottom of your basket onto cardboard. Add about 1/2-inch to the traced shape. Cut out the cardboard shape. Fit cut-out shape into basket. Cut out center. Cut two pieces of tissue paper slightly larger than cardboard frame. Glue tissue paper so it is centered over frame. Repeat with second sheet of tissue paper. Cut out, leaving a 1-inch boarder on all sides. Cut 3/4-inch slits into excess tissue paper around circle. Wrap and glue tabs around under side of frame. Fill bottom of the basket with candy. Place wrapped cardboard frame in basket. Cover with paper grass. For more Easter ideas, visit

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