Food & Recipes

Try our Easter recipes for delicious family meals everyone will enjoy, especially the kids.

Healthy (and Cute!) Easter Snacks

Want to stave off your kids' sugar meltdown from all that Easter candy? Try these Easter snack ideas that include natural ingredients and healthy nutrients to keep them from crashing.

How to Host an Easter Buffet: Recipes & Tips

Welcome friends and family with this simple, stylish Easter menu of recipes and table decorations that's guaranteed to delight little bunnies and grown-ups alike.

Easter Crafts, Food, and Fun

Calling all cottontails! Get a jump on Easter fun with these adorable crafts, treats, and egg-decorating ideas.

4 Sweet Treats Made with Peeps

Delight your kids and rack up the "likes" with these Insta-worthy crafts. (You can eat 'em after you make 'em!)

8 Gorgeously Glittery Unicorn Foods You Can Make at Home

It's the most magical food fad sweeping the internet: Unicorn treats! Try one of these fun, pretty ideas--and add some sparkle to your snacks.

Host an Easter Brunch for Kids

The bunny has delivered his treats, but the fun isn't over. While the adults are enjoying an Easter brunch, let the kids have a playful tea party. Decorate with cute crafts and serve easy foods for the most fun springtime fete ever.

Easter Sandwich Idea: There's a Hare in My Lunch

Add some Easter love to the kids' lunch boxes by creating rabbit shapes with a cookie cutter from slices of white and wheat breads. On the side, serve mini versions of bunny's fave food.

Banana Bunny Pops

For a healthier Easter treat, make these Banana Bunny Pops. Kids will love dipping the banana pieces in melted blue chocolate and adding candy eyes and noses.

6 Delicious (and Easy!) Leftover Ham Recipes

Have a plateful of ham leftover from your holiday meal? Lucky you! Repurpose it into one of these crowd-pleasing breakfasts, lunches, snacks, or dinners. These recipes are so easy, they just might tempt you to make a whole ham more often.

Jelly Bean Cupcakes

This sweet treat is easy to make and perfect for goody bags.

Easter Popcorn

This yummy snack mix has a charming pastel look for Easter, using popcorn, pretzels, melted white chocolate, and M&Ms. Everyone will want to grab a handful--or three!

Easter Egg Cake Pops

These super cute cake pops from the cookbook Rainbow Bakes are shaped like Easter eggs and covered in brightly colored candy melts, just like the gorgeously dyed eggs on in your basket.

Peeps Nests

This adorable Easter treats are little bird nests for the classic marshmallow creatures, using chow mein noodles, marshmallows, and Peeps.

4 Treats to Make With Your Extra Easter Candy

We have a candy crush and the Easter Bunny agrees. These are the prettiest, easiest, and most Instagrammable Easter treats ever!

13 Creative Takes on Deviled Eggs

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Easter Treats: Egg Cream Cones

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Why You Shouldn't Throw Away Your Child's Easter Candy

It's tempting to trash your kid's sweet stash after a few days. Here's why keeping all that sugar around can help your child in the long run.

Easy Cocktail Recipes Inspired By Your Favorite Easter Candy

Let's put a spring in your step with these Easter candy-inspired cocktails.