Quick and Easy Easter Craft: Upcycled Felt Baskets

Transform recycled food containers into art. These upcycled felt baskets are the perfect addition to your Easter egg hunt.


[MUSIC] How to make Upcycled felt baskets. You'll need; Clean food container, felt, scissors and pinking shears, cardboard strips approx 3/4 inch by 14 inch, hot-glue gun and glue sticks, pencil, and a round object to trace. Stretch felt over tub, and cut roughly to size. Wrap the tub like a present and hot-glue the seams. Hot-glue felt to the bottom of the tub. Smooth and trim excess felt as needed. Fold the felt into the tub and secure with hot glue. Use pinking shears to cut two strips of felt slightly longer and wider than cardboard. Cut a small rectangle in the interior felt on each side of the tub. Squeeze hot glue onto the exposed plastic patches, then attach handle. Glue felt to both sides of the cardboard strip. Cut 1-1/2 inch leaf shapes from felt with pinking shears. Trace and cut 3 inch circles. Fold in half twice and secure with hot glue. Hot-glue leaves and flowers to basket. For more Easter videos, visit parents.com/easter-videos. 

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