Let the Easter Peep hiding games begin!

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Peep on a Perch
Credit: Courtesy of Barnes & Noble

If Santa's magical Scout elves worked wonders for your kids' behavior during the holiday season, you're going to love the Easter Bunny's new helper: Peep on a Perch! 

Not only is he great at keeping tabs on your toddler, but he's not full of sugar like the rest of the peeps your little one loves. Sweet, right?

The Peep on a Perch boxed-set, which first hit shelves February 2018, is finally back in stores complete with both a picture book and an adorable yellow Easter Peep stuffed animal. And let's just say parents are jumping at the chance to get their kids both excited—and well-behaved—in time for the spring. Peep on a Perch is already sold out on Amazon, but it's available at Target and Barnes & Noble.

Similar to the story in Elf on a Shelf, the book encourages kids to be helpful and kind around everyone's favorite egg-filled holiday by explaining that the Easter Peep will be keeping tabs on their behavior. The book also touches on the different ways the Peep helps the Easter bunny get ready for the holiday, like decorating eggs or filling baskets with candy.

And remember how that sly Elf of the Shelf keeps moving about the house? Your kids can expect the same from the Easter Peep, so start thinking of good hiding spots and even Peep pranks as April nears.

When your child finds the Peep on top of their bookshelf, you can remind them that he will be watching and reporting their behavior to the Easter bunny. The book explains that the better the kids behave, the happier Easter Peep will be.

Our advice: Don't wait until Easter morning to surprise your kids with a new Peep best friend. You'll miss out on too much fun.