How to Host an Easter Egg Decorating Party

We've hatched a plan for one hoppin' egg-decorating party! Get ready to see your kids' most creative (and silliest!) eggs ever... 
Gretchen Easton

MOD YOUR TABLETOP Cut two to three pieces of colored craft paper to your table's dimensions, plus six inches. Drape them over the sides and overlap each one at an angle. Attach them underneath with painter's tape and trim any excess.

MAKE SWEET CENTERPIECES Cut the pointy ends off six wooden skewers, then trim them to the height of your flowerpot, plus two inches. Paint the skewers green; let dry. Use a craft knife to poke holes in the bottoms of six plastic eggs, twisting to enlarge (an adult's job). Cut one to two leaves per stem out of construction or crepe paper and fold each one in half. For each flower, push the skewer into the egg about ½ inch and hot-glue it in place. Dot the skewer with hot glue, then wrap the leaves around it. Place a piece of flower foam in the pot. Fill flowers with wrapped candies and push them into the foam. Make at least three pots per table.

HANG AN EGG GARLAND Inflate ten white balloons. To make stripes, place a ring of glue dots around the center of the balloon, then wrap it with a crepepaper streamer. Adhere circle label stickers (at office supply stores) directly onto the balloon for polka dots. Attach the balloons to a store-bought garland or streamer with clear tape,and string up with painter's tape.

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