Plan an Eggs-tra Special Family Easter Celebration

Gather the kids for an outdoor egg-decorating party—complete with games, crafts, and good times for all!

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Host an Easter Party!

Before the bunny comes to visit, throw an Easter party with fresh ideas for crafts and games.

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Search Party

Hide ceramic eggs around the yard for the kids to find and decorate.

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Pretty Pails

Cover a quart-size paint can in scrapbooking paper to create a homemade Easter bucket for each child.

What you'll need Scissors, kraft paper, quart paint can, dot candy, tape, ribbon, hot glue

Make it:
1. Cut a piece of kraft paper that measures the height and circumference of the paint can.
2. Wrap the paper around the paint can and tape in place. Tape a strip of candy dots to the middle of the can.
3. Cut a length of ribbon and hot-glue the ends inside the can to create a handle.

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Set the Table

Pile a table high with craft supplies so kids have everything they need within reach.

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Pom-Pom Paper Flowers

Your Easter brunch wouldn't be complete without some table decor. Add to the blooming flowers around you with this pom-pom paper flowers craft.

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Craft Stations

To make crafting—and clean-up—quick and easy, protect the table with kraft paper placemats. Use pretty pastel egg pillows to keep crafts steady and upright until they're dry.

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Egg Chandelier

Make these extra-large eggs by covering white balloons in a glue-and-water mixture, then wrapping them with thick, colorful yarn.

What you'll need Plastic tablecloth, balloon, yarn, large mixing bowl, white glue, water,scissors, newspaper, gloves (optional)

Make it:
1. Cover your work surface with a plastic tablecloth. Blow up the balloon, knot, and tie a length of yarn to it.
2. In a large mixing bowl, combine 3 parts glue to 1 part water. Cut a long length of yarn (about 20') and soak in glue bowl, keeping hold of one end.
3. Wrap glue-covered yarn around balloon until covered as desired. Tuck end of yarn under another yarn piece to secure.
4. Hang the egg with a fresh piece of yarn to dry. Put sheets of newspaper under drying egg to catch any glue drips.
5. Let dry for 24 hours or until yarn is firm, then hang with matching yarn.

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Yummy Bunnies

String marshmallow peeps and plastic straw segments into an edible garland for each guest's chair. Click through for instructions.

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Chick Pom-Pom Friend

Create an adorable little pom-pom chick friend this Easter. This kid-friendly craft is easy to make and fun to display.

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Yummy Bunnies How-To

What you'll need Scissors, plastic straws, fishing line, kid- safe plastic needle, ribbon, marshmallow Peeps

Make it:
1. Cut plastic straws into 1-inch and 1/2-inch segments; set aside.
2. Measure and cut a length of fishing line that is 2 feet longer than the back of your chair, then thread onto a needle.
3. Triple-knot the fishing line about 12 inches in from the end, then tie a length of ribbon around the knot.
4. Thread a couple of straw segments onto the needle, then insert it through the side of a marshmallow bunny.
5. Gently slide the straws and bunny across the fishing line until it reaches the piece of ribbon. Repeat until 12 inches of fishing line are left.
6. Triple-knot the end, then tie a piece of ribbon around it. Attach to the back of a chair using the ends of the fishing line.

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Mosaic Eggs

Upcycle leftover eggshells into a colorful craft that can be displayed year after year. Click through for instructions.

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Mosaic Eggs How-To

What you'll need White eggshells, kraft paper or newspaper, boiling water, vinegar, food coloring, bowls or cups, fork or slotted spoon, paper towels, glue, hard-boiled or ceramic eggs

Make it:
1. Rinse eggshells with warm water and set aside. Protect your work surface with kraft paper.
2. Combine 1 cup boiling water, 1 Tbs. vinegar, and 20 drops food coloring in a bowl or cup.
3. Submerge eggshells in colored liquid for 3 to 5 minutes or until desired color is achieved.
4. Use a fork or a slotted spoon to remove dyed shells and let dry completely on a stack of paper towels.
5. Break colored eggshells into smaller pieces then use craft glue to adhere to the egg; let dry overnight.

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Make Mosaic Easter Eggs

Parents' lifestyle editor Taryn Mohrman demonstrates how to decorate ceramic eggs with crushed, dyed egg shells.

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Sand-Art Eggs

Kids can cover eggs with glue, then swirl them in a bowl of brightly colored sand to make solid or striped designs. Click through for instructions.

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Sand-Art Eggs How-To

What you'll need Colored sand, small bowls, foam brush, glue, hard-boiled or ceramic eggs, bottle cap

Make it:
1. Pour different colors of sand into small bowls; set aside.
2. Use a foam brush apply glue to an egg. Cover it completely for a solid look or create stripes or desired pattern.
3. Dip egg into bowl of sand or use fingers to sprinkle sand on top of glue until covered as desired.
4. Set finished egg on a bottle cap to dry overnight.

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Make Sand-Art Easter Eggs

Parents' lifestyle editor Taryn Mohrman demonstrates how to make pretty sand designs on Easter eggs.

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Rub-On Eggs

Even little hands can easily apply rub-on transfers to eggshells. Arrange letters to spell out a name, word, or phrase, or simply add fun designs.

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Sticker Eggs

Kids will love to dress up eggs with stickers! Sparkly flowers add fun springtime flair.

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Confetti Egg Toss

Fill blown-out eggs with water-soluble Ecofetti for a mess-free game of catch on the lawn. Click through for instructions.

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Confetti Egg How-To

What you'll need Safety pin, white eggs, bowl, kraft paper, boiling water, vinegar, food coloring, cups or bowls, fork or slotted spoon, baking rack, baking sheet, paper towels, Ecofetti

Make it:
1. Use the safety pin to poke three small holes to form a triangle in the top of an egg, then poke a small circle in the bottom of the egg. Keep poking within the circle until the shell cracks.
2. Flip the egg over and, while holding it over a bowl, put your mouth over the three holes on top and blow into the egg until the whites and yolk come out the bottom (save the eggs for breakfast!). Rinse the shell under the faucet and blow inside to remove any water; set aside.
3. Protect your work surface with kraft paper. Combine 1 cup boiling water, 1 Tbs. vinegar, and 20 drops food coloring in a bowl or cup.
4. Submerge blown out eggs in colored liquid for 3 to 5 minutes or until desired color is achieved.
5. Use a fork or a slotted spoon to remove and place on a baking rack layered on top of a baking sheet with paper towel; let it dry completely (at least 12 hours).
6. Grab Ecofetti in pinches and push into the egg through the bottom hole until full.

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Make Confetti Easter Eggs

Parents' lifestyle editor Taryn Mohrman demonstrates how to stuff Easter eggs with eco-friendly confetti.

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Eggs To-Go

Send kids off with clear plastic egg cartons full of their finished projects. Add some colorful crinkle paper for an extra cushion!

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