Make Sand-Art Easter Eggs

Parents' lifestyle editor Taryn Mohrman demonstrates how to make pretty sand designs on Easter eggs.


-Hi, I'm Taryn Morhman, Parents Magazine Lifestyle Editor. If you're looking for fun Easter craft to make with your kids this year, you have to check out our Sand-Art Eggs. For this craft, you'll need ceramic eggs. We got ours at Craft glue; a foam brush; small bowls; colored sand; and bottle caps. So, the first step for this craft is to protect your work surface with craft paper to make clean up easier at the end. Then, you're going to take your colored sands and fill small bowls about halfway. To make a solid egg, you're going to take the egg and some craft glue and spread it on using a foam craft brush. You can just spread it out nice and even and making sure the egg is completely covered. When it is, you're going to put it in a bowl of sand and give it a nice swirl around to get the sand to stick to the glue. You're going to take a bottle cap and rest the egg on top to dry. To make a striped egg, you're going to take the egg and the glue again. But this time, make a stripe directly with the bottle. And, if you want a thicker look, you can take the brush and spread it out. Now this time, we're going to take the sand and pinches and sprinkle it on top. You can repeat to add stripes of all different colored sands. And again, when you're done, place it on the bottle cap to dry overnight. And there you have it, our beautiful Sand-Art Eggs.

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