Make Confetti Easter Eggs

Parents' lifestyle editor Taryn Mohrman demonstrates how to stuff Easter eggs with eco-friendly confetti.


-Hi I'm Taryn Mohrman, Parents Magazine lifestyle editor. This Easter, start a fun new family tradition and take the kids outside and have an egg toss, but instead of regular eggs, swap in these cute confetti eggs. For this craft, you will need a safety pin, a raw white egg, a spoon, a bowl, boiling water, a cup, vinegar, food coloring, a baking rock, tray, paper towel, craft paper, and confetti. First up, for the craft is to blow out your raw and it's a lot easier than you think. Take a safety pin and poke 3 holes pretty close together in the top of your egg. You're gonna flip the egg over and poke holes along the bottom, gonna keep poking until they break through. This is where you're gonna actually have the egg come out and later you're gonna stuff it with confetti. Okay, once you're started broke through, you can flip the egg over, hold it over the bowl and put your mouth on the top and blow and the egg contents are gonna come out the bottom. The next step for this craft it to take your blown out egg and to submerge is in a dye bath. We've gone ahead and combined 1 cup of boiling water, a tablespoon of white vinegar and food coloring. You're gonna drop it inside. Leave it for about 3 to minutes. You need to use the spoon to keep it under and when it's done, you're gonna take it out and put it on this rack, which is layered with paper towel underneath to catch any dye that runs off. So, the last step for this craft is to fill your egg with confetti. You're using water soluble, biodegradable, ecofetti. It's available on We're just gonna take it by pinches and push it into the hole in the bottom of the egg. What I love about this confetti is that there's absolutely no mess to clean when the egg breaks. When it's full, you're left with an Easter egg that will shower your kids with colorful bits of confetti when it breaks.

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