Jelly Bean Cupcakes

This sweet treat is easy to make and perfect for goody bags.


-Hi, my name is Eva, and we're going to be making jelly bean cupcakes, and in order to do this project, you will need these materials: a tag, jelly beans, colored paper cut, sandwich baggy, tacky glue, red pompom, marker and scissors. You kids are going to have so much fun making these jelly bean cup cakes. I know I do. So, what we're gonna do first is have your child open up their little sandwich baggy and put in as many jelly beans as they like, but leave a little room at top, so that we can squeeze the bag around. You can also do this with other candies, but jelly beans just so fun. We're just gonna drop them in. The more colorful, the better, just a little bit more. Alright, now, once you have your jelly beans in, you're going to seal the top. If you don't have a zip lock back and maybe just a regular sandwich bag, you can always tight off with the twisty type. Make sure all the air is out of the bag when you zip lock. Now, we're gonna set our back aside and grab our cup. Now, okay, if you have older kids, thy might have no problems with this, but younger ones might need some help. So, we're just gonna take this cup about halfway down. Take your scissors and carefully cut a rounder cut. Now, once you have your cup halfway down, we're going to set that aside and work on a really cute tag. So, you can write someone's name, maybe this is gonna be a party favorite for your kid's birthdays and again, they will love making these for all their friends. So, we're gonna just take a marker or crayon and write our friend's name and have your kid do the writing because it makes is a more fun personalized craft. So, now that our tags done, we have a little rubber band through our, but you can also use yarn or string, and we're just going to take our cup and wrap it around the cup. So, now, we have our little tag hanging off. Now, that your cup is done, we're going to add our jelly bean cupcake topper. So, what you wanna is twist your bag so that bottom is hidden inside the cup, and we're just going to add this little round top to it to make it look like the top of a cupcake and to finish it off, we need a cherry on top. So, just gonna put a tiny bit of tacky glue right to the top of the bag and stick your pompom on. Let it dry and you will have the best little tricks that anybody could think of and there you have your delicious jelly bean cupcake.

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