How to Make Rubber Cement Easter Eggs

Drizzle on some rubber cement to create eye-catching Easter eggs.


There's always a great surprise when dying Easter eggs. This cool technique that uses rubber cement delivers amazing result. For this project, you'll need blown-out white eggs, white vinegar, food coloring, bowls for dying, a spoon, wooden skewers and egg carton and rubber cement. The first thing you wanna do is dye the base of your egg a pretty light shade. The reason you wanna do it light is because you're gonna be dying over this color a couple more times. Stick a wooden skewer into the egg at the hole where you blown it out and drizzle rubber cement over the egg. Then, you wanna set it to dry about 15 to 20 minutes. An easy way to do this is just to stick the skewer into an upside egg carton. After the rubber cement is dry, take your drizzled egg and dip in your second dye bath. Use your spoon to take the egg out. Now, you wanna gently remove the rubber cement by either rubbing or peeling it off. Your kids will love designing these cool, abstract Easter eggs.

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