How to Make Glitter Polka Dot Eggs

Use glitter and glue dots to give Easter eggs eye-catching polka dots.


-Hi! I'm Taryn Mohrman, Parents Magazine's Lifestyle editor. If you're looking for a super simple egg craft that's gonna glammed up your Easter table. Well, we've got the craft for you. Olivia and I are making this glittery polka dot eggs and we're gonna show you how to make them at home with your kids. You need a few basic materials for this craft. First, a glitter. Then, Glue Dots which we've prepped by cutting them into squares and a paintbrush. So our first step, Olivia, is to put the Glue Dots on the egg to make these polka dots. You're ready? -Uh huh. -Okay. So, the easiest way to do this, just press it down, give it a good rub, alright. And then peel the plastic back. Dip the egg into the glitter and the glitter sticks on the backs. The third and final step for the craft is to take a paintbrush and brush away the excess glitter from the egg. And there you have it. We've got glitter sparkly Easter eggs with no drying time and no glitter trail.

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