11 Funny Easter Memes for Parents

Looking for a laugh this Easter? These relatable parenting memes will help you get through the pain of stuffing plastic eggs.


Some children treat Easter egg hunts like the Olympics. Others manage to get dye in their hair. And even more develop tummy aches from sneaking too many chocolate bunnies. No matter your family's situation, one thing's for sure: Easter can be stressful for parents of little ones.

We've rounded up 11 relatable and funny Easter memes to help get you through the springtime holiday. They're guaranteed to make you chuckle after the fake grass is cleaned up and the rabbit-ear headbands come off!

1. Bedtime Won't Be Easy

2. Not Your Favorite Activity

3. They're Only Interested When It Involves Candy

4. No Going Back to Fruits and Vegetables

5. How Long Should We Wait?

6. Celebrating Easter With Tweens and Teens

7. The Easter Brunch Struggle Is Real

8. It's Called Balance

9. Missing Candy Pieces, Explained

10. Maybe Now They'll Clean Their Rooms

11. Step One: Locate the Baskets

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