How to Start an Easter Tree Family Tradition

Not only are Easter trees a cute spring trend, they also double as a festive egg craft for kids who are stuck inside. Here's how to make one with your family.

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This season, your family can prolong the lifespan of painted eggs by making an “Easter tree,” which is basically a springtime version of a traditional Christmas tree. Learn how to create the festive, seasonal decoration for your home or yard.

What is an Easter Tree?

Easter trees aren’t a new phenomenon. Indeed, the Germans have adorned outdoor trees with dyed eggs for centuries. These "Ostereierbaum” (Easter Egg Trees) help welcome the spring season in a colorful, festive way. Sweden also has its own version of an Easter tree called “Påskris,” which usually features feathers as well as eggs.

There are no hard rules around creating your own Easter tree, but many Americans keep them inside to emulate the Christmas tree tradition. Families can certainly drag artificial spruces out of storage for this project. They can also use foraged branches in a vase, fake plants, floral topiaries, or anything else their hearts desire. Easter trees can be small enough to serve as a centerpiece, or large enough to fill an entire corner of your living room.

Easter Tree Decoration Ideas

Easter trees are usually less personal than Christmas trees; you won’t see framed photos or heirloom ornaments on them. They’re also decorated with pastel hues and other springtime elements.

Here are some items to consider putting on your Easter tree:

  • Hand-painted or dyed eggs (Check out this article for seven crafty design ideas)
  • Store-bought or homemade ornaments
  • Rabbit-themed stuffed animals, toys, or figurines
  • Real or fake flowers
  • Feathers
  • Pastel-hued or patterned ribbon
  • Easter basket grass arranged into clumps
  • Fairy lights (especially if the tree is outside)

How Your Kids Can Help

When you involve your children, decorating an Easter egg tree can become a fun, memorable family tradition. Here are some ways your little ones can help.

Choose an outdoor tree. Do you want an outside decoration? Recruit your kids to scout the yard for a suitable Easter tree. The best ones have sparse, low-hanging branches that children can easily reach.

Forage for branches. Indoor Easter trees usually involve branches arranged in a container. Your kids can search for foraged branches in your yard or at a nearby park.

Decorate the container. You can arrange your Easter tree in a pot, vase, or mason jar. Let your children decorate the container with paint, stickers, glitter, paper mache, or other art supplies.

Paint the eggs. Hand-painted eggs are the hallmark of Easter trees. Bring out the dye and decorate the eggs as a family!

Make homemade ornaments. Easter tree ornaments can be made from salt dough, paper, or other craft materials.

Trim the tree. Your kids look forward to trimming the Christmas tree each year. If you have an Easter version, they don’t have to wait until December to practice their skills!

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