These Easter games are perfect for for the whole family and will make any festive gathering even more fun. 

By Maressa Brown

No matter where you're gathering with loved ones to celebrate Easter, games and activities are sure to make the festivities even more special. Here, 10 simple and fun Easter games both kids and adults are sure to enjoy. 

1. Easter Dice Game

To play this game from Glued to My Crafts that's perfect for young kiddos, all you need are a bag of jelly beans or buttons and dice.

2. Easter I Spy

Live Laugh Rowe created this cute I Spy printable that will challenge L.O.s to look for items like ducklings, butterflies, and pinwheels.

3. Fun Express Bunny Ears Toss Game 

Snag these cute bunny ears for an interactive ring toss game. They're $6.65 on Amazon

4. Easter Egg Hunt Relay

Play. Party. Plan. recommends this active game, in which you'd hide eggs, ensuring enough are hidden for each player. Split people into teams, then the first person on each team must run to a designated area, find an egg, and return to their team. All players take turns until everyone finds an egg.

To make it more challenging for older kids, assign each team an assigned color of egg, a pattern to find, or other specification.

5. Easter Egg Push

In this funny, simple race game, everyone's challenge is to roll an Easter egg from the start to the finish of the race course, using just their nose.

6. Easter Egg and Spoon Race Game

This kit makes it easy to play a simple racing game that challenges kids of all ages to run from the starting line to the finish line without dropping the cute egg they're holding in a spoon. It's $11.99 on Amazon.

7. Easter Egg Color Matching Game

This game from challenges kids to find eggs that perfectly match their mixed color assigned egg(s). 

8. Bunny Hop

Have participants decorate white plain pillowcases with Easter eggs, bunnies, pretty spring colors, etc. Then, do a hopping race, in the pillowcases, from start to finish of a race course.

9. Easter Scavenger Hunt

This printable scavenger hunt from Happy Healthy Mama sets up a ton of fun clues for kids to follow to create their Easter basket.

10. Egg Tapping Game

This traditional Greek Easter game Tsougrisma (τσούγκρισμα), as described by Lemon & Olives, requires everyone choose a dyed Easter egg to call their own and then everyone goes around tapping or hitting the next person's egg, tip to tip. Whoever's egg breaks is out. If your egg doesn't break, you go on to hit the next participant's. Whoever is left standing with an unbroken egg wins and is said to have good luck for the rest of the year.



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