With social distancing measures in place across the country, here are creative, festive ways to have a fun-filled, safe Easter celebration at home.

It's possible you've celebrated Easter with loved ones close to home year after year. But this spring, marking the special occasion at home is imperative as we all work to flatten the curve of a pandemic by adhering to social distancing measures. While this might mean you'll be trading that Easter egg hunt at your in-laws or brunch at that beloved local restaurant for a FaceTime session, there are lots of other ways to make the day memorable.

Here, everything from Easter basket delivery options to activities and recipes that will make for a festive, creative, and safe celebration.

Easter Basket Delivery Options

Harry & David

There's a reason Harry & David is a go-to gift purveyor. From gift baskets to towers and chocolates galore, it's a one-stop shop for all your Easter treats.

Xocolatl Small Batch Chocolate

Credit: Xocolatl Small Batch Chocolate

Supporting local business has never been more important. This Atlanta, Georgia chocolatier is offering a wide variety of delectable Easter treats (like their dark chocolate bunny with raspberry and blood orange) for your family's baskets, all of which can be easily purchased online and ship nationwide.


The first ever video-gifting mobile app is a sweet way to connect your kids with relatives who can't physically be at an Easter celebration. How it works: Loved ones can record a sweet, memorable video for their recipient, then select a cash gift amount (paid using any bank account). Recipients receive a text message to download the app and watch the video. Then the gift can be transferred right into their bank account.

Hale Groves

For a fresh twist on the traditional Easter basket, check out Hale Groves's Easter Basket Box, which features navel oranges and tangerines—picked at peak and therefore, fresher than citrus you can get at the store—as well as chocolate chip cookies, milk chocolate Easter eggs, and jelly beans.

Hale Groves
Credit: Hale Groves

Pottery Barn

If you're looking for an FIY (Fill It Yourself) basket that'll be just as memorable as what's inside, check out Pottery Barn's charming array of options, like their super-cute Long Ear Metallic Fur Bunny Easter Treat Bucket.

Pottery Barn baskets
Credit: PotteryBarn.com

Social Distancing-Friendly Easter Activities

Use kitchen staples to dye Easter eggs

No need to head out to the store to buy a dye kit. Effective, natural egg dyes can likely be found throughout your kitchen. "Items like beets, red cabbage, spinach, cumin, and chili powder can all be used to create beautifully-colored eggs," says Christie Altendorf, senior event planner and marketing manager with D'Amico Catering in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Blow out Easter eggs to decorate

Want to raise the egg stakes? Blowing eggs out so they can be decorated and dipped is admittedly time-consuming, but fun for kids, notes Rachel Bruzek, D’Amico Catering design and culinary manager. "The process is easy once you figure out how to make the holes in the eggs," she notes.

Grab a bowl that will hold the eggs, plus a large needle to poke a hole in each end. "Hold the egg over the bowl and blow the egg white and yolk out through the other end," says Bruzek. "I rinse each egg off and place them back in the egg carton to dry. Once all the eggs have been blown, washed, and dried, we then decorate and color the eggs with regular Easter dye kits, or using natural egg dye such as beets, onion skins, turmeric, chili powder, red cabbage, and spinach." Pro-tip: You can use the eggs to make a frittata for Easter brunch.

Do an Easter egg hunt throughout your home or in your backyard

Keeping the annual activity on your own property will ensure you're adhering to social distancing protocols. And if you're looking to steer away from filling eggs with candy, try creating notes that offer affirmations, recipes for fun cooking/baking sessions, and easy service projects for the kids to engage in while staying at home, advises Altendorf.

Think outside the basket

Instead of (or in addition to) candy and other sweets, consider filling kids' Easter baskets with items they can put to use in a future, educational undertaking. "Seeds for herb or vegetable starter kits are readily available and can easily turn into a summer project, baking ingredients can be sourced for an exciting afternoon project, and fun child-appropriate cooking utensils and aprons can be ordered with minimal effort," says Altendorf.

Make bath bombs

Who doesn't love a brightly-colored, pamper session-ready bath bomb? Bruzek says you can make your own for Easter baskets. "Use small cake molds or pan to make fun shapes," she says. "Wrap them in plastic or fabric and tie a bow around the top and place in the baskets." (Find the full instructions here.)

Do a word search

Make your Easter meal even more fun with a word search. Lifestyle blogger Julie Blanner created a free printable one that she says "will keep everyone engaged, and it adds a special touch to a pretty table setting."

Fun Easter Recipes

No-bake Peeps cake

What's better than sharing Peeps as a family? Making a cake out of them! For this eye-popping, no bake Peeps cake, recipe developer and food blogger Jason Goldstein of Chop Happy used a store-bought cake with frosted sides, three to four packages of Peeps bunnies in different colors, two packages of Peeps chicks in different colors, a handful of mini chocolate eggs, colorful jelly beans, and one can of frosting. Using the frosting as “glue” for the cake, just spread onto the candies and place on the cake.

ChopHappy.com peeps cake
Credit: ChopHappy.com

Go wild with sugar cookies

Christmas isn't the only time to decorate simple sugar cookies. "We make bunnies, eggs, and flowers," explains Bruzek. "You can do these activities with your kids, or if you want to surprise them, you can do them on your own at night, keep them tucked away in the freezer, and place them in the Easter baskets on Sunday morning."