8 Fun Easter Bunny Ideas for Parents

Give this springtime furry friend a hand (or um, paw?) with these Easter bunny ideas that will delight your kiddos.

Parents paint Easter eggs with their kids

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Millions of people celebrate Easter. It is beloved, by kids and adults alike. But what makes this day so fun and festive? Well, from chocolates and candy to colorfully decorate eggs, Easter is full of surprises. It also has a rich history, one with religious significance. But while the day is spiritual in nature, for kids, it's all about Easter baskets and the Easter bunny. This big ball of fluff is intergral to the seasonal celebration.

But how can you add even more fun to the holiday? What is the best way to make Easter memorable? From bunny antics and cookies to a hip-hoppity trail, these Easter Bunny ideas are sure to make your minis day special.

Happy Trail

Happy Trail Wall Decals
Lucy Schaeffer

Make a path of footprints for kids to discover in the morning. Simply buy pre-made wall decals and/or use any type of contact paper.

Color Wonder

Color Wonder Breakfast
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You'll be astonished when you pull out your ingredients for Easter breakfast: That trickster bunny got into the food coloring and left pastel-dyed raw eggs alongside purple-tinted milk!

(Psst: It only takes a couple drops if you want to replicate the gag.)

Blame the Bunny

Easter photo trick
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Your furry friend altered your family photos?! Cut out some bunny-shaped ears and a cute little nose and then attach it with double-sided tape.

Guaranteed Giggles

Easter carrots
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Looks like the Easter Bunny took a bite out of these carrots the kids left for him. Arrange the nibbled-on nubs on a plate and, for an added kick, leave a trail of chocolate-covered raisins or peanuts. The kids will laugh because they look like bunny poop!

Inflatable Fun

Child playing with balloons
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Small balloons decorated with acrylic paint become inflatable Easter eggs. When your child opens the door to a closet or cabinet full of the balloons, this Easter delight will tumble down on him.

Bunny Paw Print Cookies

Bunny paw print cookies

The rabbit baked these cute cookies with his paw imprint. To make your own, slice and bake store-bought cookie dough. When done, press measuring spoons into the warm dough for prints. Whisk light corn syrup with a bit of water, brush into indents, and sprinkle on colored sugar.

If you love to bake, you can make your own dough for the bunny paw print cookies. This recipe is so easy to prep (only seven ingredients!) that you might find yourself rolling out dough just for the fun of it.

Golden Opportunity

While with golden egg
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Looking for an alternative to the traditional Easter basket? Kids will be delighted to discover the Easter Bunny has left them an enormous gold-colored egg.

To make your own, transform oversize plastic eggs with a coat of gold spray paint and fill with holiday treats.

Cotton Trail

Boy wearing bunny ears
Lucy Schaeffer

The night before Easter, go to trackeasterbunny.com to see where the Bunny is!

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