5 Fun Ways to Dye Easter Eggs with Toddlers

If you're dyeing Easter eggs with a toddler this year, embrace an afternoon of creative chaos with these five incredibly fun (and messy!) ideas.

Decorate Eggs Bubble Fun
Photo: Tara Donne
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Drip-Dyed Easter Eggs

Decorate Eggs Drip-Dyed
Tara Donne

While these eggs may look fancy, they are actually super easy to make. Just add a few drops of food coloring and voila. Ombre eggs.

How to make them:

  1. Stand an egg up on a bottle cap or an overturned egg carton (resting the egg between the cups).
  2. Drip 1 to 4 drops of first color of food coloring on top of the egg. Spray with water.
  3. Repeat with additional colors.
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Soap Star Easter Eggs

Decorate Eggs Soap Star
Tara Donne

Another unique (and creative!) way to color Easter eggs is with dish soap.

How to make them:

  1. Mix 2 Tbs. dish soap with 1 tsp. water and 10 to 15 drops of dye.
  2. Blow into the solution with a straw, and then stir vigorously with the straw.
  3. Dip an egg into just the bubbles and let dry.
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Bubble Wrap Easter Eggs

Decorate Eggs Bubble Fun
Tara Donne

Looking to make a statement—with some bold, geometric patterns? Bubble wrap Easter eggs are the "it" thing. Just dip, stamp, and dry.

How to make them:

  1. Dye an egg the color of your choice.
  2. Press solvent ink pads onto Bubble Wrap.
  3. Lay an egg on the inked Bubble Wrap, gently pull up the corners, and wrap around egg.

Tip: Don't move the eggs around on the Bubble Wrap or the ink will smear!

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Marbled Easter Eggs

Decorate Eggs Marble Finish
Tara Donne

Mildly messy but loads of fun, your kids can make marble Easter eggs with a little bit of food coloring and loads of shaving cream.

How to make them:

  1. Spread a thick layer of shaving cream on a cookie sheet.
  2. Add 4 or 5 drops of food coloring to a small section and mix it around with a toothpick or a straw.
  3. Roll an egg in the dyed shaving cream, and let the shaving cream sit on the egg's surface for about 10 minutes. Pat excess off with paper towels.

Tip: Presoak eggs in white vinegar for 2 to 3 minutes for more vibrant color!

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Washi Tape Easter Eggs

Decorate Eggs All Taped Up
Tara Donne

Another neat way to make Easter eggs is with Washi tape, a colorful, decorative Japanese-style of tape.

How to make them:

  1. Wrap an egg in thin washi tape, pressing it firmly to the eggshell.
  2. Use a paintbrush or your finger to cover the egg with tempera paint.
  3. Let paint dry completely, then remove tape.

Tip: Use different widths of tape and stickers for more graphic designs!

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