Sweet! The false bottom on this basket hides a second layer of candy.

By Laura Fenton
March 02, 2014
Surprise Easter Basket
Credit: Lucy Shaeffer

Surprise Easter Basket

What you'll need

basket, pencil, cardboard, scissors, tissue paper, glue

Make It

1. Trace the bottom of your basket onto a piece of cardboard. Add about 1/2" to the traced shape to make it slightly bigger than the basket's base. Cut out cardboard shape and fit it into your basket. (It should sit about halfway down the depth of the basket.) Trim cardboard if necessary.

2. Once your cardboard piece sits inside nicely, trace a smaller shape within the center to create a 3/4" border all around the perimeter. Cut out the center, creating a frame.

3. Cut two pieces of tissue paper slighting larger than your cardboard frame. Trace the shape on the tissue paper and add 1" on all sides to create a shape larger than frame; cut out.

4. Apply glue to one side of cardboard frame and use it to stick on one piece of tissue paper so that tissue is centered over the frame. Repeat with the second piece of tissue paper.

5. Carefully cut 3/4" slits into the excess tissue paper that is hanging past the edge of the cardboard frame. Wrap these around the underside of the frame and glue them in place. Repeat with both pieces of tissue paper.

Surprise Easter Basket
Credit: Lucy Shaeffer

6. Place candy in basket, then place tissue-wrapped cardboard frame in the basket and cover with paper grass.