Modern Easter Egg Crafts

Hot Egg Balloon
Johnny Miller
We've hatched some creative ideas for decorating this year, and the best part? They're as easy as they are beautiful.
Johnny Miller
Johnny Miller

Swirly Palette

Kids can brush squiggles of Crayola washable tempera paint on boiled white eggs with a 1/2-wide flat paintbrush.

Learn how to make Easter egg chicks that look so real they practically peep!

Chirping Chicks

After you dye blown-out white eggs canary-yellow, add a quill feather, ($5 per bag; Cut out a beak with orange kraft paper and glue it on. Use a marker to make two dots for eyes and place your feathered friend in a piece of cracked eggshell set in a nest of raffia. $5 for a 1/2-lb. bag;

Wrap an egg in white yarn to magically transform it into an adorable bunny.

Fuzzy Bunnies

Transform eggs into Easter's fluffy mascot. Gather some yarn, felt, and a pom-pom tail and hop to it!

What you'll need

Blown-out eggs; double-stick tape; white yarn; scissors; white felt; black marker; hot-glue gun and glue sticks; fishing line; small pink pom-poms; medium white pom-poms

Make it:

1. Apply four strips of double-stick tape to egg. Starting at the top, wrap the egg in white yarn and continue until it is fully covered. Tuck end in.

2. Cut white felt to make 1 1/2" x ?" ears, 1" x 1/2" oval feet, and small circles for eyes. Use black marker to add dots to the eyes. Glue ears, feet, and eyes onto the yarn-covered egg.

3. Cut three 2" pieces of fishing line and glue them to egg as whiskers.

4. Glue on a small pink pom-pom for a nose and a medium white pom-pom for tail.

Drizzle on some rubber cement to create eye-catching Easter eggs.

Pop Art

Carefully enlarge small hole at bottom of each blown-out white egg and place on a wooden skewer. Drizzle egg with rubber cement, let dry, then dip in a dye bath. When it's dry, gently peel off the rubber cement. Repeat two or three times with additional colors and voilà -- a masterpiece!

See how to put together a funny cast of yolk-filled characters with amazing hat ideas from FamilyFun.

Family Affair

Replicate the entire gang! Using decorative kraft paper, cut out details like a hair bow, a tie, and collars, and glue them on. For curly hair, first coil paper strips around a pencil. Heart-shaped cutouts glued to the bottom of egg cups become shoes and googly eyes add a finishing touch.

Johnny Miller
Johnny Miller

Spot On

Your kids can apply Scribbles dimensional fabric paint ($10 for a six-pack; in assorted colors to make textural lines and dots on eggs they've already dyed.

Johnny Miller
Johnny Miller

Egg Mobiles

Crack up your kids with a carrot car, a sailboat, and a hot-egg balloon driven by furry friends! Click through for how-to instructions.

Johnny Miller
Johnny Miller

Carrot Car

What you'll need

Blown-out white egg; orange food coloring; a bowl of white vinegar for dyeing; pushpin; scissors; orange, gray, green, black, tan, and pastel-pink felt; hot-glue gun and glue sticks; medium and large tan pom-poms; 2 black beads

Make it:

1. Dye egg orange and let dry.

2. Break an opening in the middle of one side of the egg with a pushpin. Crack the opening so it's about 1 ?" x 1 1/4". Use the pushpin to create a ?" x ?" hole at the bottom of the egg.

3. Cut out four gray felt circles about 3/8" wide. Cut out four black felt circles ?" wide. Glue the gray circles onto the middle of the black circles. Glue the four circles to egg for wheels.

4. Cut out two 3/8"-wide orange felt circles. Hot-glue them side-by-side onto the egg for headlights.

5. Cut out four 2 ?" x ?" leaves out of green felt. Roll bottom of felt leaves together and feed into hole at the bottom of the egg.


1. Glue medium tan pom-pom on top of large tan pom-pom. Cut a 1/8" piece of pink felt and glue onto medium pom-pom for nose. Glue on small black beads for eyes.

2. Cut two 1" x 3/8" pieces of tan felt for ears; glue to top of medium pom-pom. Gently place bunny in the carrot car.

Johnny Miller
Johnny Miller

Egg Sailboat

What you'll need

Blown-out white egg; purple food coloring; a bowl of white vinegar for dyeing; pushpin; hot-glue gun and glue sticks; scissors; wooden skewer; medium and large yellow pom-poms; 2 black beads; scissors; teal, orange, and blue felt

Make it:

1. Dye egg purple and let dry.

2. Set the egg on its side and press a pushpin into the middle of one side of the egg to create a small hole. Continue to crack an opening about 4" x 3 ?".

3. Hot-glue a 7" wooden skewer to inside of cracked egg for sail. Cut out a 5"-tall obtuse triangle from the teal felt and hot-glue it to the wooden skewer, starting ?" down from top of skewer. Cut out a flag-shaped triangle ?" -wide on its short side from orange felt and glue to top of skewer.

4. Cut a 5 ?" x ?" piece of blue felt. Cut out waves. Glue ends together. Slip waves around the bottom of the egg.

1. Glue medium yellow pom-pom on top of large yellow pom-pom. Cut out two tiny triangles from the orange felt and glue them to the middle of the medium pom-pom for the chick's beak. Glue on black beads for eyes. Place in boat.

Johnny Miller
Johnny Miller

Hot Egg Balloon

What you'll need

Blown-out white egg; pink food coloring; a bowl of white vinegar for dyeing; hot-glue gun and glue sticks; scissors; medium and large white pom-poms; hot-pink, pastel-pink, and white felt;
2 black beads; paper egg carton; wooden skewers; red rickrack

Make it:

1. Glue medium-size white pom-pom on top of larger white pom-pom.

2. Cut out two ?" x ?" circles of white felt. Cinch circles at bottom and glue onto head for ears.

3. Cut out small pink dot of felt and glue to medium-size pom-pom for nose. Glue on two black beads as eyes. Place lamb inside balloon basket.


1. Dye egg pink and let dry.

2. Cut one egg cup out of paper egg carton for the balloon basket.

3. Hot-glue four 4" wooden skewers to inside of egg-carton to make "ropes."

4. Place the egg between the four skewers. Hot-glue where the tops of the skewers meet the middle of the egg.

5. Glue a thin strip of hot-pink felt around where the skewers are glued to the egg. Glue layer of red rickrack on top of felt.

Originally published in the April 2013 issue of Parents magazine.

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