Celebrate the season with our fresh, fun kids' craft projects.

By Julie Knapp
October 05, 2005

Handprint Lilies Trace your child's hand onto colored paper and cut out. Roll handprint into a cone and glue. Curl each petal out around a pencil. Loosely curl one end of a chenille stem, then push the other end down through the flower's center.


Easter Bonnet With a craft knife, cut four 7-inch slits across the center of a 1-inch green paper plate in a spoke pattern, forming eight triangles. Push triangles up and out. For each flower, cut out several 5-inch circles of tissue paper, bunch together, and glue to a triangle. To decorate, attach ribbons to the rim of the plate.


Clothespin Pals Paint a wooden clothespin and let dry. To make a chick, bunny, or lamb, glue on small pom-poms and googly eyes. Use craft foam to add details like feet, ears, or a beak. Stand clothespin upright, and slip a photo into the top.


Dotty Napkin Rings For two rings, cut an empty toilet paper roll in half. Cut out a 2x7-inch strip of colored paper, and glue to ring. Glue on colorful ring-shaped cereal to finish. Safety note: Don't let children eat cereal that has been glued.


Tissue-Box Basket Cut away the top of an empty square tissue box. For each band of color, cut a 2-inch-wide strip of colored paper. To make fringe, clip edge of one side of each strip. Glue strips to box. For handle, glue ends of a chenille stem to opposite sides of the box's interior

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