Spring Crafts

Celebrate the season with our fresh, fun kids' craft projects.

Handprint Lilies Trace your child's hand onto colored paper and cut out. Roll handprint into a cone and glue. Curl each petal out around a pencil. Loosely curl one end of a chenille stem, then push the other end down through the flower's center.


Easter Bonnet With a craft knife, cut four 7-inch slits across the center of a 1-inch green paper plate in a spoke pattern, forming eight triangles. Push triangles up and out. For each flower, cut out several 5-inch circles of tissue paper, bunch together, and glue to a triangle. To decorate, attach ribbons to the rim of the plate.


Clothespin Pals Paint a wooden clothespin and let dry. To make a chick, bunny, or lamb, glue on small pom-poms and googly eyes. Use craft foam to add details like feet, ears, or a beak. Stand clothespin upright, and slip a photo into the top.


Dotty Napkin Rings For two rings, cut an empty toilet paper roll in half. Cut out a 2x7-inch strip of colored paper, and glue to ring. Glue on colorful ring-shaped cereal to finish. Safety note: Don't let children eat cereal that has been glued.


Tissue-Box Basket Cut away the top of an empty square tissue box. For each band of color, cut a 2-inch-wide strip of colored paper. To make fringe, clip edge of one side of each strip. Glue strips to box. For handle, glue ends of a chenille stem to opposite sides of the box's interior

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