How to Make Fuzzy Bunny Easter Eggs

Wrap an egg in white yarn to magically transform it into an adorable bunny.


You cannot celebrate Easter without that furry little mascot, the bunny. These sweet little eggs can live on your mantle from year to year. For this project, you'll need blown out ceramic or wooden eggs, double stick tape, white yarn, scissors, white felt, a black marker, fishing line, a small pink pom-pom, a white pom-pom, and glue. The first thing we need to do is wrap our egg in white yarn. The easiest way to do this is to apply 4 strips of double stick tape to the sides of the egg. Start at the top and begin to wrap the egg in the yarn and just continue until it's fully covered. Now grab your white felt and cut your bunny ears about 1-1/2 inches tall by half an inch wide. You wanna cut 2 oval feet about 1 inch tall by half an inch wide and then just 2 small dots for eyes. Glue them on to the yarn-covered egg. Grab your black marker and draw 2 little dots right on the white eyes. Glue them on to the egg. Crisscross three 2-inch pieces of fishing line and glue them on to the egg as whiskers. Grab your pink pom-pom and glue it on top of the whiskers as the nose. For the last step, just take your white pom-pom and glue it to the back as the tail. And the cool thing with these little Easter bunnies is you can make them either standing up or laying down.

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