Each base for these felt totes is a common household container (we made ours with ice-cream and pretzel cartons). Covered in fuzzy felt, they make adorable Easter totes.

By Jodi Levine
March 03, 2015
Felt easter baskets
Credit: Dane Tashima

What You'll Need1 clean food tub (ice cream, yogurt, etc.)




Hot-glue gun and glue sticks

Pinking shears

Make It

  1. If your tub has a lip at the top, cut it off to create a clean edge. Cut a cardboard strip for the handle, approximately 3/4"x 14".
  2. Stretch felt over tub to estimate how much you'll need (it will cover both the inside and the outside), and cut roughly to size, leaving a few extra inches all around.
  3. Place tub on its side on top of felt so that a couple inches extend past both the top and the bottom. Wrap felt around tub like a present and hot-glue one seam to secure. Trim remaining loose end of felt with pinking shears, then hot-glue to tub, overlapping the other seam.
  4. Pull felt taut and hot-glue to exterior bottom of tub, pinching and smoothing as you work. You may need to trim excess felt if it overlaps itself too much.
  5. Put dabs of glue on sides and bottom of tub's interior. Fold felt inside tub and press down to secure.
  6. Cut a slit in felt inside tub where you plan to attach handle; cut out a small rectangle to expose container beneath. Repeat directly opposite for other side of handle.
  7. Measure two pieces of felt slightly wider and longer than the cardboard handle and cut with pinking shears.
  8. Place hot glue onto exposed plastic patches and attach handle to inside of tub. Glue felt pieces to underside and top of handle (they should end up extending slightly past the handle's length and onto the inside and outside of the tub).
  9. Using pinking shears, cut 3" circles and 1 1/2" leaf shapes from felt. Fold circles in half, then in half again, gluing within the folds to form flower shapes. Hot-glue flowers and leaves to basket.

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Originally published in the April 2015 issue of Parents magazine.

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