How to Make Chick Easter Eggs

Learn how to make Easter egg chicks that look so real they practically peep!


-This Easter egg craft ask that age-old question: which came first, the chicken or the egg? For this project, you'll need hollowed eggs, yellow food coloring, white vinegar, a bowl for dying, a spoon, orange paper, scissors, glue, a black marker, yellow feathers and jumbo eggshells. First, you want to dye your eggs yellow and let them dry. Take your orange paper and fold it in half. Then, just cut a triangle from the paper at the fold to make the beak. Glue the beak on to the egg just above the halfway mark. Take your black marker and draw two small dots just above the beak as eyes. Cut a small [inaudible] from the yellow feather and stick it in the hole of the blown out egg. Add a dab of glue to keep it in place if you need to. Crack and wash out your jumbo eggshell and then take your cute little yellow chicks and place them inside. Create a little nest with either raffia or crinkle paper and set your adorable hatched chicks inside.

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