Colored eggs come to life with a few supplies and your child's imagination.


To achieve vibrant colors for our garden, we painted hard-boiled eggs with acrylic paint. We chose classic hues for our critters, but your child may prefer a pink bunny or an orange daisy -- so let her have fun!

TIP: When applying materials such as craft foam to your eggs, you'll get the best results if you use a quick-drying tacky glue or a hot-glue gun. Hold the material in place for a few seconds to make sure it bonds to the egg.

Safety note: Do not eat eggs that have been decorated using paint and glue.


FEATHERED FRIEND: Glue a yellow feather to each side of the egg. For the beak, cut out and glue on two small triangles of orange craft foam. Use a light-blue marker or paint to add eyes. To help your chick (or any of your eggs) stand up, cut out a craft-foam circle large enough for the egg to rest on, and glue it to the bottom.


BOUNCY BUNNY: Cut out two long ear shapes from white craft foam. Use a pink marker to add an inner ear to each, and glue ears to the top of the egg. Use blue and black markers to draw a mouth, whiskers, and eyes. Cut out and glue on a small pink craft-foam nose. Add a small pink pom-pom for the tail.


FUNNY FROG: Use yellow paint to add small warts and a large oval to the front of the egg. Cut out 2 front legs, 2 ovals for back legs, and 2 webbed feet from green craft foam. Glue to egg. Use a black marker to add a mouth. Glue googly eyes to two small green pom-poms; let dry, and glue to the top of the egg.


CRAZY DAISY: Cut a 5-inch circle from yellow craft foam. Then cut out an inner circle large enough to fit over the egg (approximately 1 1/2 inches). Use scissors to create petal shapes around the foam circle. Add glue to the inside rim of the flower, and fit over egg. To make a leaf, unravel a 5-inch length of green paper twist, cut into a leaf shape, and glue to the egg.


LOVELY LADYBUG: Add the body details of a ladybug using a black marker or paint. To create the face, glue on two googly eyes and add a smile using white paint. For antennae, glue two 2-inch lengths of a purple chenille stem to the top of the egg.


BUSY BEE: For the face and body, add three stripes and a mouth using a black marker or paint, and glue on googly eyes. Cut out two wing shapes from blue craft foam, and glue to each side of the egg. Add glitter to wings. For the stinger, cut out a long triangle from pink craft foam; glue to the end of the egg.

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